The to the requirements of EN ISO 9001: 2000.

The objective of a company’s legal diagnosis is to verify compliance with the legal and legal aspects governing the activity, by analyzing the legality of all property reports that occur in the acquisition and management of the assets of the enterprise.

Apart from the general legislation applicable to a company of commercial companies, civil law , commercial law, labor law, community law, tax law and regulations), deserves to follow in more detail the normative acts and the ethics standards that specifically refer to the activity developed by Biofarm SA.Since 2004, BIOFARM products have been manufactured in accordance with International Pharmaceutical Production (GMP) standards, certified according to the requirements of EN ISO 9001: 2000. In 2005, the company strengthened its position on the pharmaceutical market from Romania, and Biofarm according to the National Medicines Agency is one of the main players on the medicines market. Thus, Biofarm is a distributor based on its distribution, earnestness and financial benefits.

A strong Department of Quality Assurance operates within the company to ensure that all activities are conducted in accordance with the principles and procedures of the company’s quality management system. The Quality Assurance Department staff is involved in equipment qualification and validation of activities, in controlling changes, in investigating deviations, in implementing preventive and corrective actions, in internal and external audits, in quality complaints management, in releasing product series, and in periodical analysis product quality.All product series are issued by the Personnel Qualification Certificate in accordance with EU directives and the Good Manufacturing Practice Guideline.Biofarm also offers: pharmaceutical consultancy in Romania, product development and registration on the Romanian market, know-how transfer for products, processes, manufacture of non-sterile products, co-marketing on the Romanian market and packaging.The major manufacturers of the pharmaceutical market have been forced to restructure the labor force due to the gradual implementation of the GMP rules. Based on the decision to reduce staff on one hand, increasing the degree of automation of production lines and, on the other hand, rationalizing the costs of the human factor (GMP implementation involving significant financial efforts).

The specificity of the BIOFARM activity calls for the recruitment of qualified personnel, which corresponds to the constantly changing requirements in the production of drugs, the specialization of the employee being a determinant of the quality of the products offered by the organization and, implicitly, of its success on the reference marketIn addition to the remarkable career opportunities Biofarm favors a stimulating and fair pay structure by offering a competitive and salaried competitive package designed to provide comfort and financial security.The company also focuses on creating an environment that respects diversity and individuality, where the innovation initiative is encouraged and the initiative is rewarded. The passion for self-improvement and the constant desire for professional development represent the principles underlying the company’s team. For optimal use and the development of more talents for collaborators, it invests in education and training, and supports employees to improve their professional results by giving them the opportunity to attend courses and specializations.Also relevant from the point of view of the legal diagnosis is the observance by Biofarm of a code deontologist pharmacist that includes a set of principles and rules that represent the fundamental values ??on the basis of which the profession of pharmacist is exercised on the territory of Romania. The purpose of this Code of Ethics is primarily to protect patients’ rights; the observance of professional obligations by pharmacists, and the protection of dignity and prestige of the profession of pharmacist.

Thus, in the exercise of his profession, the pharmacist must provide specialized health services for the patient and the general public without any discrimination. The relationship between the pharmacist and the recipients of the services must be based on trust in the pharmacist’s competence and professional experience, and this confidence obliges the pharmacist to maintain and maintain at his highest level his professional and personal performance and performance throughout his career as well as updating his