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 The projectintegration management is a process to make sure about the coordination done ina project.

It is the super most knowledge area for a project manager. It helpsin managing communication between the team members and helps in reducing thecost. For example if we want to construct a new office building we have to gothrough project process groups. These are organised in 5 process groups.1)   Initiating process:-  This is the veryfirst process in which the decisions are made upto final authorization. It isthe formal authorization for the project to initiate. The stakeholder is thetop management, having authority to pass this project for construction of abuilding.

 2)   Planning process:- In this stage, all objectives and goals are broken into different smallunits of work. Here estimation of money and schedule is done to calculate theraw material for each activity. All the documentation work is done here. It willalso include other aspects of project management with respect to communicationand coordination, human resources, blueprints of designs, supplier of rawmaterial, machine and tools, quality of materials and procurement.

 3)   Executing process:- In this stage, all the project work is performed. The project managershould take in loop all the team members and the other persons assigned to theproject. It is execution to team development, quality assurance, spreading ofinformation, managing suppliers and so on. 4)   Monitoring and controlling process:-  monitoringand controlling process is a process in which project activities are monitoredthat weather they are identifying with the project plan. If there is a need foramendment then controlling part is performed. It also include all the otherareas like information reporting to the head, forecasting  budget control, performance reporting, riskcontrol, quality control, schedule control and monitoring new changes.

 5)   Closing:- Itmeans closing the process formally and reporting to the top management, howeverin building case it is given to the maintenance group and its time for a reviewof  the lessons that are learned from theproject.