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The leading cause of deaths in the African american culture is cardiovascular disease.African americans have the highest percent chance than any other ethnic groups of sufferingcardiovascular problems that can lead to death. In article posted in American Heart Association”African-Americans and Heart Disease, Stroke” states, ” The prevalence of high blood pressurein African-Americans is the highest in the world.

Also known as hypertension, high bloodpressure increases your risk of heart disease and stroke, it is often referred to as the ” silentkiller .” Not only is HBP more severe in blacks than whites, but it also develops earlier in life.”Also according to the article Heart Disease: Reducing Risks for African-Americans, shows thepercentage that affects african americans, ” In America, 44 percent of black men and nearly 48percent of black women have some form of heart disease, including heart disease and stroke.”The main causes leading to chronic cardiovascular diseases is not being aware of the healthoptions one is taking. For example obesity, hypertension, diabetes and high blood pressure or themain causes that can lead to cardiovascular disease.

A way to improve and lower the statistics isto provide knowledge of leading causes of unhealthy food have for one’s health.”Socially, racism is correlated with substandard employment, housing, education,income, and access to health services; associated risks include occupational hazards, exposuresto toxic substances and allergens in the home, low-quality schooling, lack of availability ofMosqueda 2healthy foods, easy access to illicit drugs and alcohol, violent neighborhoods, and environmentalexposures. Individually, racism exerts its deleterious effects through negative cognitive andemotional phenomena leading to psychopathology and morbidity, as posited by McEwen’sAllostatic Load Model. “,- by Improving the health of African Americans in the USA: anoverdue opportunity for social justice by Alan S. Noonan, Hector Eduardo Velasco-Mondragonand Fernando A. Wagner.

This proves that living conditions take effect on one’s health. Whensomeone is surrounded by illicit drugs, alcohol and the lack of healthy food causes diseasestatistics to grow. Leading cause here is having an easy access to drugs instead of food.Moreover, living in poverty will increase the chance of cardiovascular disease becausethey won’t have the option of buying healthy foods which actually cost more than what unhealthyfoods do. For example, a 24 count pack of ramen noodles retail for $6.98 while a spring mix ofveggie costs around $7.00.

According to Improving the health of African Americans in the USA:an overdue opportunity for social justice by Alan S. Noonan, Hector EduardoVelasco-Mondragon and Fernando A. Wagner, states, “Access to healthy foods is also a frequentproblem in poor African American communities. “Food deserts” describe neighborhoods withouteasy access to supermarkets that sell fresh produce and other healthy foods. Black neighborhoodshave significantly fewer supermarkets than white ones. Several studies also document that thefood that is available in poor black neighborhoods is less fresh and of lower quality.

In contrast,alcohol outlets are much more numerous in black neighborhoods.”