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The Battle of Bunker Hill was a main battle in the Revolutionary War. It played an important part in US history. Bunker Hill consisted of Americans fighting England to become more independent for themselves.

Bunker Hill kicked off America’s start to independence from the British. What was the battle of Bunker Hill? How did it affect the Revolutionary War?When and Where did Bunker Hill happen?The Battle of Bunker Hill- June 17, 1775, Boston Massachusetts.Bunker Hill took place summer of June, 1775 in Boston MA, shortly after the Revolutionary War began. As today, Boston was a bustling city, full of priceless historical artifacts. At the time, the people who lived in Boston were governed by Britain. One special site in Boston was called Bunker and Breeds. Bunker and Breeds were the two hills where the battle began. Bunker and Breeds is how the battle got named.

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How Did the Battle Start? Boston began to overflow with tourists, colonists, workers, etc. British king, King George lll began to worry about the city’s valuable sea ports. He sent groups of British troops to look after them. However, the troops were not strong enough. “The British decided to take two hills, Bunker and Breeds, in order to gain a tactical advantage.” – (info found at Ducksters.

com).To enforce this advantage, they took over Bunker and Breeds. American forces soon heard about this and they were angry. They decided to camp at the two hills and attack the British troops when they arrived.

The morning after their campout, the Americans were encountered by the British. The Battle began. Leaders of Bunker Hill:American Leaders:The Americans were led up the hill by Colonel William Prescott. Israel Putnam was also an American general.

Both men led American soldiers up Bunker and Breeds. British Leaders:  British troops were led up the hill by head trooper, General William Howe. Major John Pitcairn was also a British leader. He was also a British leader at the Battle of Lexington. Result of Bunker Hill: Around 800 British soldiers were wounded and at least 200 were killed. Not nearly as many Americans suffered such losses. Britain may have won The Battle of Bunker Hill, but America got its revenge by winning many more battles, and even the whole Revolutionary War! Plus, Britain lost many soldiers, and had to pay loads of money to repair for wounds and injuries. The Battle of Bunker Hill played an exciting role in the Revolutionary War.

Britain may have won Bunker Hill, but that only made the Americans more and more determined to win and be victorious.  GlossaryTactical Advantage- a temporary advantage that will not stay forever.Wounded- hurt, harmed, injured. Victorious- won a victory, triumphant.