The this deception. They depict unrealistic images of beauty

The purpose of this report is to raise awareness about the media.The way it portrays the ideal body image for the people of this generation.Although media has an impact on a large amount of population, it mainly affects adolescents as they are the targeted audience for the media.I chose to write about the projected image that media presents on the society because this is a huge controversy; that puts a great amount of pressure on teens to have the so-called perfect body. Teens torture themselves in many ways trying to fit into what society calls beautiful. As a class, we collected secondary data from books, news articles and the internet with the help of the librarian and our teacher, who guided us throughout the research with trustable resources, so that we get the most accurate results. This essay will provide information about the three main causes of body dissatisfaction; through social media, weight loss industries, advertisements of celebrities.This report will also explain how to refrain from falling victim to the media’s mind tricks so that we can learn to love ourselves just the way we are. The media plays an enormous role in this deception. They depict unrealistic images of beauty to hypnotize the young minds, making them believe that they must be a certain size, shape or color in order to be beautiful.The media has many ways in which they can portray the message of the perfect body such as magazines, television, social networks, movies, billboards, etc. Media of all types have a powerful and profound influence on the teenagers.Every day, as young as the age of 3 and older are bombarded with images of females who are known as perfect. Little do they know that the characters/models go through numerous editing by photoshop, severe diets and loads of makeup in order for them to look perfect and deceiving.The unrealistic images of beauty, lead many adolescents to go to extreme measures, trying to imitate the society’s belief of beauty that caused serious harm emotionally, mentally and physically. In the world of social media, adolescents daily consume images and videos of so-called perfect people with their perfect appearance all over the social networking sites. Media has been a major part of our lives, sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and snapchat have become their first sight in the morning and the last thing they see before bed.moreover, teenage years is the time when people become more aware of their body and physical appearance.The pictures and videos posted provide unrealistic standards as to what is considered as beautiful to the society. Most teens don’t realize that the pictures they see online are mostly edited with filters, photoshopped and it took a load of makeup to make them look the way they do.The unaware adolescents refer to these pics as a form of comparison and get dissatisfied with the way they look.thus leading to depression and anxiety.Furthermore, The young generation judges themselves by the number of followers, likes or comments they get .getting a lot of likes and comments on photos, videos, and posts in the virtual world can bring a powerful sense of accomplishment, the thought of not looking good enough can lead to self-hatred and self-harm.    The most well-known industry in the media is the weight loss industry, they have an impact on many lives, and are very well known due to their many successful ad campaigns, and can influence many young people’s decisions.they do this by giving out false hope and unbelievable expectations such as ‘lose 15 kg in 10 days’. sadly many people get into their trap.they show before and after pics that are mostly not even real and all done by photoshop.they encourage girls and guys to have specific features so that they can fit into society.features such as the thigh gap, thin waists,6 pack abs etc.they spread the message that they don’t look good enough and introduce the quick fix which is cosmetic surgery if fat gets a tummy tuck don’t like the nose get a new one, breasts too small get breast enhancement.One of the serious problems that can happen mentally in a woman’s mind is developing low self-esteem and ultimately depression.The cause of this is media as it slowly hypnotizes the audience at a very young age.From a very early age, we begin learning what is most valued in our culture; that is a beauty.A great example of this can be barbie dolls.This is introduced to girls at a very young age.Barbie dolls are shown as perfect role models as they are thin, white, large breasts and very thin waist, with perfect makeup and hair.Her image represents beauty and perfection to the young minds, persuading them that if you want to be beautiful you have to have the same features as a barbie so that they can also be loved.This was just one example of how media introduces advertisements of the perceived look of beauty to very young girls impacting the child’s mental development.there no doubt that advertisements are everywhere not only on the screens but also outside on the billboards and magazines.just like while selling Barbie dolls.moreover, advertisements for cosmetics and fashion also has a powerful impact on the way we picture ourselves and how we should look.Advertisers emphasize the importance of physical attractiveness and make it look like it should be our number one priority to look good and that this could only be possible if we buy their products.In conclusion body image should not be taken lightly as it has a huge impact and is vitally important to both genders to love themselves the way they are no matter what shape size or colour they are .we need to be more acknowledged consumers of the media.we should know that the images we see on media are fake as they take hours to edit and make the model look perfect to be on screen.Parents should teach their children and make then know and feel beautiful and valuable .one way to help adolescents is to show the advertising campaign that dove is amazing as they promote the love of their own body and they show women who have many flaws.their marketing campaign helps to establish self-esteem,confidence and acceptance to who you are.everyone is beautiful in their own way and that is what real beauty is: to be unique.