The think about how individuals with a mental illness

Therationale for this chosen topic is based upon module two clinical placementwhere I began to think about how individuals with a mental illness managephysical health conditions. An opportunity arose to work with the mental healthliaison team and I observed a 58-year-old woman experiencing a psychoticepisode. She had a diagnosis of Diabetes Mellitus type II. The chosen targetpopulation are individuals between 18-65 years of age with a co-morbidity ofdiabetes and Schizophrenia as the lady I observed was within this age range. I havedecided to focus on individuals that are mentally well.  Evidence statesthat Diabetes Mellitus isdefined as a cluster of various metabolic disorders branded by elevated bloodglucose concentration (WHO, 1999).

Wild et al (2004) states that type 2 diabetes isdistinguished by resistance of insulin and disorder of insulin secretion, it isalso hereditary predisposed to other individuals. Schizophrenia is defined inthe ICD-10 as a long-term mental disorder characterised by distortions ofthinking and perception and symptomatology that result in disability andimpaired ability to cope with the everyday demands of society (WHO,2016). Diabetes Mellitus is acommon lifelong condition and one in five individuals with schizophrenia arediagnosed with the condition. It is more prevalent in people with a diagnosisof schizophrenia compared to the general population and contributes to anincreased morbidity and shortened lifespan(Ref).

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Currentliterature suggests that schizophrenia is a risk factor to the development ofDiabetes type II. However, evidence suggests that the use of antipsychoticmedication may increase the prevalence of type II diabetes in individuals withschizophrenia (Correll, 2015). Moreover, aconsiderable amount of research reports that an increase of diabetes type II inpeople with schizophrenia is caused by poor nutritional intake and choices,lack of physical exercise, excessive smoking habits as well as obesity and theside effects of antipsychotic medication (DE Hertet al, 2011; Gouveia and Chowdhury, 2013 ).The purpose of theassignment is to explore the principles of empowerment within nursing practice.Discussions about the definitions of health promotion and empowerment, and howthe two are interlinked will be throughout the assignment. In addition, I willalso be discussing about the artefact created and the health promotion modelsused to enable the production of the artefact, as well as the rationale behindthe design.

The main topic is based upon the question “Can people withschizophrenia effectively manage their diabetes?