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The Black church had a major impact on today’s history and life itself.  African-Americans came a long way from having to have church in secret to actually being able to have church freely after the Civil War.  It has also influenced things such as the Civil Rights Movement and black leaders and Civil Rights activists to come together and fight for equality.  The effects from the black churches also triedto help education to colored people at that time.

Before any of these major things happened it had to start from somewhere( such as The African Methodist Episcopal Church and the Zion Church are some of many early black churches in the United States.  A man by the name of Richard Allen founded The African Methodist Episcopal Church in Philadelphia in 1793.  Another church was formed by the name of Zion Church in 1801 after withdrawing from the Johnstown Methodist Church.

 There were not a whole lot of black churches but even though that was the case there were very well known and respected black church leaders.  Such as Bishop William J. Seymour whose church had many visitors, James Cone, a man who made it his life duty to fight against racism in the United States, and also Howard Thurman,  a long time Dean-of-Chapels and the study of Theology at Morehouse College and Boston University.  A lot of black denominations were established after the Civil War.  By 1860 11% of blacks in the U.

S belonged to churches. Black churches played a big role in the South after the Civil War because it was an amazing achievement of the Reconstruction Era.  After the Civil War black churches would be able to become more common because before the war many of these churches had to meet in secret to avoid any danger.  Singing in the churches was also very common because it helped with the blacks reading and literacy skill. Things like reciting a line from the song or remembering the lyrics and learning new words along the way helped them in many ways.  In the Black church it was also common to see “call and resonse” which means one persons says one thing and everyone else responds according to the first line.

 For example, in church when the preacher is preaching he may say “can I get a witness” and the congregation may reply in unison “amen”.  Also Negro Spirituals are also common in these churches.  Spirituals are religious songs associated with black christians in the south. The role the churches played in organizing the Civil Rights Movement in the United States goes hand in hand.  Because of how dedicated and determined African-Americans were in being equal and having freedom they strongly believed in prayer.

 Also because most of the African-American community were so heavily impacted by the church they all would come together and march and protest and rally to make equality happen.  Civil Right activists such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is a very well known Civil Rights leader as well as Robert. R Church Jr.  Education is also very important because a lot of the times African-Americans were not only judged by the color of their skin but also by their lack of knowledge.  So the black churches fought hard and strived for education in the black community.

The Black Church played many different roles throughout history.  It made a huge impact on things such as the Civil Rights Movement and education for the colored.  All of the things that were done by these churches are still present today and churches still practice and stand by the rules and regulations from the early black churches.