The the United States, they merely increase the control

The United States of America the place that’s been said to be the land of opportunities.

Many people around the world wanted a better life then the one they had in their country of origin. One of the major immigration of people were of the Mexican immigrants that came to the United States. During the 1940-1960s there was a rise in the Hispanic immigrants coming from Mexico. Many of them came to look for a better life, others to escape the crime of the poverty of the country. The challenges they faced included crossing the desert with limited food and water, dealing with crossing the border without getting caught.One of the major struggles that immigrants faced were the long journeys from the city to the border. With limited food, water, and money.

The issue  was with not knowing how to pass without being betrayed or left behind by the people who were supposed to be helping you. Many people died when arriving to the desert. The lack of water cause many people to collapse of dehydration in the middle of nowhere.

The challenges met where with going to a land of opportunities was meet hard and dangerous, but many immigrants still took that risk.During the 1940s the United States issued a bracero program which allowed immigrants from Mexico to gain entry to the United States with the agreement to work for a certain amount of time to make money then to go back. Many immigrants took this opportunity to work and cross over to the United States. Many Called “braceros” stayed longer then the program intended them to do. Many of them tried to get back in illegally throughout the 1940s and into the 1950s. In 1965 when the Amendments to the Immigration and Nationality Act were passed, the Bracero program which allowed immigrants to work in the United States was terminated and protection at the border was increased.

However instead of limiting the number of illegal immigrants in the United States, they merely increase the control at the border drastically curtailed the emigration of illegals. Even if some were able to cross with easy route many had cross through the border. The road to a better life was still dangerous, but a few escape the horrors of the desert.

If it was challenging to cross the border without papers or limited supplies, many had to sacrifice their lives for a better one in the United States. Many had to suffer through the horrors of death and fear. Even when most immigrants got here without many injuries, others were caught or died in the travel.

Mexican immigrants had a hard time getting here and to try to succeed her, was the dangerous trip challenging yes but also worth the risk.