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The Acts that you will be reading about were a big part of the American Revolution and the 13 colonies gaining their independence over Great Britain. The Acts took place during the 1760’s and 70’s because Great Britain needed to pay off the debt from the French and Indian Wars so they turned to the colonists. Enjoy!!!The Sugar Act 1764 to 1766 The Sugar Act started in 1764 and ended 2 years later. When the Sugar Act came along it put a high tax on sugar and molasses imported from non-British sources. The colonists had always bought sugar and molasses from the French and Dutch colonies because it was cheaper. The British hoped that after the Sugar Act, colonists would start buying sugar and molasses from them. When it started, it made the colonists mad because the colonists used sugar to make rum. Rum was one of the major products of the American economy back then. Eventually the British government repealed the Act because it was causing too much chaos in the colonies.The Stamp Act 1765 to 1766 The Stamp Act was the next move the British government made. The Stamp Act forced the colonists to have an official stamp that you had to pay for. And you would have to put them on almost everything that was on paper like legal documents, newspapers, and playing cards. To get stamps you would have to pay a collector, and at that time you would not want to be a collector, because the colonists weren’t happy about the act so they would throw rocks at the collector’s windows and light their houses on fire. Finally it got even more out of hand so the Sugar Act and the British government were forced to repeal it.The Tea Act 1773 to 1773The British government wasn’t done imposing other unfair laws because in 1765 they came up with the Tea Act, which placed a high tax on tea. That really made the colonists mad because back then people drank tea all of the time. After a while, the colonists were tired of it, so it ended on December 16, 1773 when American Colonists boarded British Ships and dumped 90,000 pounds of tea into the Boston Harbor. That was called the Boston Tea party and of course that was how the Tea Act ended.In the end, those 3 Acts made up a major part of the American Revolution and remember there are a couple more acts I didn’t cover. Hope you learned something new!!!