The the next paragraphs we will consider ways of

The changes associated with the negative impact of
motor transport are becoming more and more large and global every year, and
with time they can lead to the collapse of the existing ecosystem on the planet
Earth, which will affect the life of mankind, air and atmosphere. Due to the effects of exhaust
gases, the resulting contamination of the atmosphere and that leads to acid
rains and this is all because a huge number of cars are used. They affect the
plant world and human health, change the composition of the soil, destroy
buildings and monuments, and also heavily pollute water bodies and make their
water unsuitable for use and residence. Road transport brings huge harm to the
environment and in the next paragraphs we will consider ways of solving these

to solve the problem. Environmental problems of road transport in the modern
world are inevitable. But still they can be solved if you act in a
comprehensive and global manner. Let’s consider the basic ways of the decision
of the problems connected with operation of cars: to reduce emissions of
exhaust gases negatively influencing an environment, it is necessary to use
qualitative cleared fuel. Often attempts to save lead to the purchase of
gasoline containing dangerous compounds. Development of fundamentally new types
of motor vehicles, use of alternative energy sources. So, on sale began to
appear electro mobiles and hybrids working on electricity. And while there are
few such models, perhaps in the future they will become more popular.
Observance of the rules of car operation. It is important to timely fix the
problem, provide permanent and comprehensive service, do not exceed the
permissible load, adhere to the management-related recommendations. The
environmental situation is certain to improve if we develop and use clean and
filtering equipment that will reduce the amount of harmful compounds released
by road transport. Use of other modes of transport, for example, trolleybuses
and trams.

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order to minimize the greenhouse effect and knowing how greenhouse gases
originate, it is necessary to eliminate the sources of their occurrence in
order to stop global warming and other negative consequences of the greenhouse
effect. Even one person can change something, and if relatives, friends,
acquaintances join him, they will set an example for the rest of the people.
This is already a much larger number of conscious inhabitants of the planet who
will direct their actions to the preservation of the environment. Using
electric vehicles, the amount of exhaust gas will decrease. Reduce emissions
can help avoid frequent calls to the car and use bicycles or public transport
for short distances. Also, it is necessary to reduce the production of cheap
machines if machine manufacturers produce only expensive cars, for example,
such brands of cars as BMW, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Range Rover, far from every
inhabitant can afford such models of cars. Moreover, it is necessary to raise
prices for gasoline and people will begin to take an eco-friendlier attitude
towards cars. In addition, you can change cars and use bicycles, which is more
convenient, cheaper, safer and even useful for human health. The bicycle is the
best transport of movement around the city. I think people should be more
concerned with their health as well as the environment in which we ourselves

minimize the dangerous and serious consequences of the negative impact of
automotive exhaust gases, a number of measures should be taken, competent,
rational and moderate operation of motor vehicles. Do not allow prolonged
idling, avoid driving at high speeds, if possible, give up the car in favor of
using public transport, namely trolleybuses and trams. The most effective way
is to refuse oily fuels and switch to alternative energy sources. In the last
few years, scientists have begun to develop cars that run on electricity and
even solar panels. Always monitor the service ability of the car, and especially
the state of the engine and all its parts, as well as the operation of the
exhaust system. Modern means are available that reduce the concentration of
harmful substances in automobile exhausts. These include the so-called
catalytic converters of exhaust gases. If you apply them constantly, then
emissions will be less dangerous for the atmosphere and humanity. To protect
the atmosphere from exhaust emissions from industrial and exhaust pipes,
filters, special additives are installed in them, which do not include lead,
catalytic converters. It is very important to monitor the quality of the fuel
being poured: cheap oil and gasoline emit too many harmful substances. New
models of cars began to be produced, throwing out much less toxic gases into
the atmosphere. In many countries, public transport has become fully powered by
electricity or biofuels. Some vehicles are equipped with gas-cylinder
equipment. Engine development is underway, which do not need to switch to other
modes. On the part of the state, it is necessary to issue a number of laws
providing for the introduction of responsibility for air pollution. Creation of
a special service that will inspect industrial enterprises as part of the
commission, monitor city organization. It is necessary to spread knowledge
about the pollution of the atmosphere among the entire population. Then people
will begin to observe a number of measures to reduce the amount of toxic
emissions into the airspace. Using a car, each owner should take care not only
of its serviceability, but also about the impact of transport and exhaust on
health and the environment. Only in this case it will be possible to avoid the
sad consequences.

         In conclusion,
I would like to say that cyclists are less exposed to polluted air. Some
studies indicate that cyclists breathe less polluted air, which makes cycling
in the city more useful. Apparently, this is explained by the landing and speed
of the cyclist’s movement. The bike does not throw greenhouse gases into the
atmosphere. The probability of dying in a bicycle accident is extremely small.
It can be concluded that the bike is absolutely friendly to the environment. Regarding
machines, every person should think about the serious consequences of an
atmosphere saturated with harmful chemicals and what harm it brings to the environment.
The life given to us once by nature should not be disturbed by artificial
factors that negatively affect human health and on environment. Preservation of
nature is the task of our century, a problem that has become social. Again and
again we hear about the danger that threatens the environment, but many of us
consider them an unpleasant but inevitable, generation of civilization and
believe that we will have time to cope with all the difficulties that have been
discovered. Responsible and effective environmental policy, if we accumulate
reliable data on the environment of the environment, if it develops new methods
of reducing and applying harm to nature by man. Therefore, in order to avoid
problems caused by the road to the environment, humanity must respect the rules
regarding nature and respect it. The main decision that people use cars less is
the transition from cars to bicycles or public transports. Also, states should
check the release of vehicles. People should look for jobs, schools and
universities that are close to home. Thus, the level of use of machinery and
transports is reduced. After analyzing all this it can be concluded that the
bicycle is the best transport that does not emit exhaust fumes, and the
production of bicycles, unlike the production of cars, has much less impact on
the environment. Moreover, the bicycle is useful for human health and prolongs
the life of each person.