The the House of Representatives and the senate, their

The United States and Texas both went
through similar paths to independence, their constitutions are both very
similar and very frequently they are compared to each other. They both give
power to the people and protect their rights. They also divide the power in the
government and use the system of checks and balances. It is obvious that the
state of Texas runs and has control over the Texas cities and the United States
controls the states. They both have power, but is the relationship that Texas
has with its cities the same as the relationship that the Federal government
has with Texas?

United States uses the system of federalism which is when the national
government shares the power with all the local or state governments. This
prevents a government from taking control over everything and having too much
power. The United States’ government has its power divided up into the three
branches called the judicial branch, the executive branch and the legislative
branch. In the judicial branch known as article 3 which includes the supreme
courts and the lower courts, the relationship between the federal government
and state government is obvious. There aren’t any elections to appoint the
judges in the federal courts, but in the supreme court the judges are appointed
for life. The job of the judicial branch is to interpret the laws using
judicial review and they ultimately decide whether something is believed to be
constitutional or unconstitutional. The executive branch or article 2 of
government is made up of the president, vice president and the cabinet with the
main purpose of enforcing and applying laws. President and vice president are
chosen by electors, which later meet in the state to vote who is chosen. The
president appoints officers and ensures laws are executed. The cabinet advises
the president and the vice president is the one assisting growth and
development of the firm. The legislative or also known as article 1 is composed
of the House of Representatives and the senate, their main job is to create
laws. The senate has the ability to do things like impeach certain officials
and whenever there is a treaty they are responsible for its approval. The house
of representatives elects president if there is a tie and tax bills and
spending bills originate with them.

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Texas state government is similar to the one of the United States because they
both have a constitution, they believe that they need a separation of powers
and they use checks and balance to prevent anything or anyone from having too
much power and allow them to regulate each other. The Texas constitution has
had many revisions on their process and phases to becoming a state. From the
constitution of Coahuila y Tejas to the Constitution of 1876 which is still the
base of what is in place today, there were revisions that made it as fair as possible
and gave power to its citizens. The United States and Texas’ constitution both
start with the same purpose which is to give power to the people. They both
also feature the concept of the separation of powers, which is dividing the
power of the government among several institutions that work together and
compromise together to make decisions. Another thing that Texas shares in
common with the United States is its three branches of government, the
executive, judicial and legislative that regulate and overlap each other to
prevent each from having too much power. Texas also has a system of checks and
balances that limits the concentration of power. Tyranny is when the power is
centralized and James Madison focused on preventing that to happen. The last thing
that the Texas constitution has in common with the United States constitution
is that is the idea of federalism, which means that the government divides the
power by having a constitution, a central government and a regional government.
They focus most of their documents to saying that power ultimately belongs to
the citizens.

government of Texas and the government of the United States are similar because
of their three branches of government, the legislative, judicial and executive.
The legislative branch of the United States consists of the senate and the
House of Representatives while the Texas legislative branch consists of the
legislature with committees and office of the state auditor. The judicial
branch of the United States consists of the supreme courts and the lower courts
while the Texas judicial branch consists of the supreme court of Texas and the
court of criminal appeals. The United States executive branch consists of
president, vice president and the cabinet while the Texas executive branch
consists of attorney general, governor, secretary of state, commissioner of
agriculture, Texas railroad commission, state board of education and
commissioner of general land office. By comparing the structure of the
governments of Texas and the United States we can see that they have a lot of
the similar roles that have similar responsibilities.

            In conclusion I believe that the
relations ship between Texas and Texas cities and the Federal government and
the state of Texas are similar with the same functions. For example, when
comparing the structure of the government of Texas and how it is run it is
similar to the Federal government and how its runs the states of the United
States. They both have their own three branches of government that have similar
roles. Their constitutions have the similar main purpose which is mainly
focused on giving the citizens rights and the power to have a say and make the
decisions on what happens. They both put an effort in making their governments
decentralized because they are against tyranny and letting just one branch have
all the power and making all of the decisions. Texas also has similar history
to that of the United States because they both went through a process and
different phases to their founding. While being founded and creating documents
Texas used most of the ideas that were used in the founding of the United
States. So, Texas and its cities are indeed analogous to the relationship
between the Federal government and the State of Texas.