The the airplane. As you fly through the sky

The ‘Mind’ is like a ‘Parachute’; fulfilling its purpose only when it is opened! The real use and strength of a parachute is only when it is opened and not concealed within a bag!  Imagine going skydiving for the first time. Well-equipped and overly eager, you leap out of the airplane.  As you fly through the sky at an uncontrollable speed, everything is difficult to process. The world below suddenly becomes an exhilarating place that you have never seen before. As soon as that parachute opens, slowing you down in midair, that is when you grasp the beauty of Earth from above. You fly next to birds as if they are your friends, flying next to clouds, making you just want to sit on top of them.Our brain is a filter that deletes, distorts and simplifies the mass of data we are constantly flooded with from both our external and internal environments.

  We have the power to cultivate our own ideas.  Unluckily for some, people close their mind to the tremendous opportunities around them.  This obduracy thwarts them from achieving their goals.  Although the human brain was designed to receive every occurrence of thought, it will be activated to receive only those brainwaves.  If we do not harness the power of our minds, we cannot reap the beneficial rewards.  Think about the alphabet that we are using to communicate right now, the ink and paper that these words are printed on, the clothes you are wearing, the chair you may be sitting on, behind all of these inventions, a human mind is behind each of them.

It is all too-easy to confuse having many choices with genuine open-mindedness. This causes many to close their minds to everything beyond their knowledge.  Limitations are the confinement of the mind.  When you have a closed mind to fresh and sensational possibilities, you broadly tell yourself that you are not willing to go the extra mile – that you are not longing to mature and experience new things.  You have given up and there can be neither change nor progress in life.

  Such people become very wistful and weak. When the mind is shackled and restrained, it affects every part of your life.  Many of us have fixed ideas and assumptions about the world around us.  We simply do not have the time and energy to challenge every idea we face.I believe that our minds are like parachutes, as they work best when they are open.

If your parachute is not open, you will fall to your death.  An open mind causes you to be more receptive to what life has to offer. If your mind is closed to changes and improvements, you are wasting your potential.  Closed-minded people rarely question things and go through their lives on autopilot.

 The more we use our minds, the more productive, innovative and imaginative they become. At the same time, when we share our ideas with others, be it our peers or our bosses, these ideas get better developed and they can then be brought to fruition. Just like a joy shared is a joy doubled. With an open mind, an idea shared is an idea refined.

  What matters is first to give, contribute ideas and behave like an open parachute.  After all, an open parachute is a reward by itself. Our minds hold the key to making changes in our lives.