The that the third world war might start this

The recent events that have been taking placebetween the USA and Russia might lead to the global conflicts. It has beenfeared that this would cause the eruption of the World War 3. As the tension isincreasing between many countries the reaction of Donald Trump towards thechemical attack that was done in Syria shows that the third world war mightstart this year.

The chances of the worldwar 3It is not only the USA and Russia as theconflicts between North Korea and China is increasing as well. This is thereason that in response to the chemical attack in Syria they launched a missileas well. That led to the murder of many civilians. Vladimir Putin the Russian president wascomplete against this attack and called it the reaction of aggression. On theother hand, North Korea has done at least 24 nuclear tests in order to showtheir strength and it is against the rules by America that has banned thetesting.

At the same time, Trump has been sending hisbest troops around the globe. It has been noticed that they might send most ofthe army towards Japan this year. It has been only done to show the world thatthey are the super power. It has been predicted that in case that war begun itwould be hard for North Korea to stand against the attacks that would be doneby America. •       It has been noticed that the relations havebeen working to make its army stronger so that they can easily stand againstthe odds•       China and Russia are getting closer that is thebiggest sign that the war might begin anytime soon•       It is a clear indication that when at somepoint the biggest military force are against each other or they are making therelation strong the war is about to begunIn case the war starts Now after the rumors, the biggest questionsthat many people are asking is that what should be done in case the war begins.

We all know that Syria might be the place from where all the conflict will startbecause already the military planes of two different nations are over its head.The USA is the only nation that has the highesttechnology of the fighter’s jets known as the fifth generation. On the otherhand, Russia is working on the fifth generation and China is still in thefourth. You will be amazed to know that Russia and China are already workingtogether on this technology.However, in case the war begins then this timeit would be not a few countries. It would involve the entire world.

The resultswill be devastating as the lives will be lost. The whole scenario of the 2ndworld war will be played again in front of us. According to the predictions,there are chances that nothing will be able to stop the war this time.