The Sunday to Pray and Worship the Lord. However,

The Paranormal Soar High in these Churches 

Churches are sacred
to religious people. People attend Churches every Sunday to Pray and Worship
the Lord. However, due to the different events that occur in Churches
throughout the years they are left abandoned and are said to be haunted. Here are
the following Churches that are haunted.

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of the Churches that Paranormal Soar High:


The Church of St. Nicholas 

Nicholas Church is located in Pluckley that has a horrifying reputation as the most haunted place in England. The locals of the village have claimed to have witnessed 12
spirits lurking in different buildings
where they died. One of them is a schoolmaster who
roams the halls of a school where he committed suicide in front of his students, a woman who
occupies the Pinnock Bridge and is now called the Watercress
Woman. There are others who are seen in other places but two of the famous
ghosts is said to be located in the St. Nicholas Church. A woman who searches
for her lost baby in the churchyard dressed in red clothing, she was seen
multiple times that she gained the title as the Lady in Red. Along with her is
the monk that can only be seen at night and was spotted in the church’s windows by the Church’s visitors when no one
was inside. There are also other ghosts that are seen
in St. Nicholas Church, a beautiful woman
named Lady Dering and a former miller who haunt the churchyard searching for its
long lost lover.  


St. Louis Cathedral 

St. Louis Cathedral has different myths and legends that are strange. In the
stories, the Cathedral was built by the original French rulers but was finished in the
1850s. There are multiple ghosts that lurk the St. Louis Cathedral that died in
the execution by the orders of the Irish-Spanish governor Alejandro O’Reilly
and left their dead bodies on the Cathedral’s doorstep. Pere Dagobert was a priest who failed to have the permission to
give the dead people a proper burial and was forced
to bury them in unmarked graves.


St. Paul Episcopal Church 

In the 19th century,
a church called St. Paul’s Episcopal Church was founded and can be located in Key West, Florida. The church was first built in 1838 but was struck by multiple natural disasters in the 1800’s and
1900’s.  Despite the church’s history, the Church stayed
active even if hurricanes and floods continue to damage the church, however, the Church wasn’t the one that is haunted, but the St. Paul’s Cemetery instead. Some inhabitants of the church that died during the disasters were said to haunt the cemetery and when a massive hurricane in 1928 hit the
church, bones were dug up and were scattered all over the churchyard. The angry
spirits that are disturbed now haunt the church and was spotted several times
by the locals.


Most Holy Trinity Church

The Most
Holy Trinity Church is one of the borough’s most haunted areas. It was
completed in the 1880s with a school building that stood on top of a haunted cemetery.
The spirits of the cemetery now roam the
halls of the school building and made their presence known. Strange voices are
heard at night, bells ringing, footsteps walking through the halls and lights
that flicker at night. Two of the most famous ghosts that haunt the building
are, George Stelz that was butchered by burglars and a pastor who died inside
the church’s walls.