The Stock Market was, looking on what kinds of

The number
of stocks that I purchased are the most top tier stocks named brand in the
stock market. The five stocks that I purchased was Buffalo Wild Wings, Nike,
UnitedHealth Group, Adobe, and Microsoft. Nike is the most purchased shares
that I brought, in those shares I brought for Nike I made $80-85 for the 10
shares that I invest, when I learned that Nike has been releasing plus the
winter clothing has been publishing for a good retail of the price. Next is
Buffalo Wild Wings, there’s a bunch of sport fans that watches the games on
Sundays, also the fans make bets on BWW Fan Zone in online, I brought 3 shares
and made over $150 of those shares, BWW wings are so sensational that the fans
cannot leave for the Sunday football games. The third stock is UnitedHealth
Group, UH Group is the most profitable investment through healthcare, I brought
9 shares of the UH Group and I made $260 of the share. The UH Group offers
health care prescriptions and insurance services just comparison to Aetna. The
fourth one is Adobe, I brought 10 shares of the Adobe Systems, Adobe is ranked
one of the fastest formats that sells worth lots of money in the stock market.
The last one is Microsoft, I brought 2 shares is that because it used to be
more profitable sales during the Black Friday deals, but now there’s now Sony
that makes more of the profits then Microsoft. Microsoft is good for the
offices and mostly making surfaces. 

There is a
bunch of various method that I have to use for the Stock Market was, looking on
what kinds of different holidays and occasions will come up during the fall,
it’s not the fact that I just brought it for fun. It that what in today’s
society based on what kinds of stocks will be increased or not. During the
times that when I purchased those stocks and owned them, I experienced that
sometimes when there is not enough of the sales or trades that means that the
stock will decrease and I failed that because I brought too much of the stocks.
The way that how I choose my stocks differently is I go to the websites that I
mostly frequently used in daily basis and type in the brand and put “stock” in
the search bar to see if any occasions or products releasing for the holidays. Well
purchasing stocks and bonds is a different way to invest money for retirement.
There are many ways to invest in money for to be save for retirement. Having a
401k is a save way to retirement, but when it comes to purchasing stocks and
bonds it’s saves for retirement but for purchasing it you have to pay fees for
the stocks and bonds first before it completes the transaction. Another way
that you can save money for retirement is to portion on what kinds of things
you purchase in outside of the investment world. Also, income taxes are the
save way too for the low-income people. After what I experience the stock
market game, it is a good way to save money in the future and for your family.
When I have a family, I will make a savings account for my kids so they can use
it when their adultery life starts. Also, I will invest in my savings account
and will never withdraw the money from the savings account, and when I have a career
job, depending on that company if the stocks are so high then I’ll purchase it
starting about 10% and make a huge impact of the stocks that I purchased, will
turned to currency. In addition to that, investment is an important thing, I
can put all your money in but sometimes if the stocks are decreasing, the
company will lose money and also, I can lose money out of the stocks that I
brought. Stocks are the most important investments when it comes to investing. 

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