The Step by step, the pain got worse and

The turning point of my gymnastics career came my junior yearof high school. It was just another day at practice when I landed wrong on atumbling pass. Sharp, excruciating pain shot through my hips and legs as mycoached cheered me on to finish my floor routine.  Step by step, the pain got worse and worse.Being an athlete you learn to cope with pain, as it is a normal everydayexperience, but this was not normal pain, it was much worse. Not being able topush through, I collapsed on a nearby practice mat and summoned my coach overto help.

Alongside my coach, my mother rushed me to the hospital to examine myhips. As I rested in the hospital bed, I was given the news that I had anintertrochanteric hip fracture. I was mentally and physically defeated. Growing up, I was a very competitive athlete that believed inobsessively training my body to be stronger and better.

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I had pushed myselfover the limit thinking I would become a gymnast I could never be.  Because of this, I lost confidence in who Iwas. I was out of the sport I loved for six months due to thisinjury, which made me focus on other aspects of my life where my motivation,work ethic, and discipline had a positive effect.

   Although my gymnastics career ended late in my high schoolyears, the lessons I learned over the years have remained relevant in my life.The image of me lying in pain on the practice mat sometimes slips into my mindas I decide where to apply to law school. Gymnastics has taught me to recognize my weaknesses and learn how toovercome them. I have acquired a lifestyle of discipline and motivation thatwill help me enter law school a much stronger person and student. I want to studylaw at Oklahoma City University School of Law because it provides the bestcombination of students, faculty, and resources to help me succeed. When Icompleted, I succeeded when I took advantage of my opportunities and I hope Oklahoma City University School of Law will give me thechance to succeed again.