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The abstract for the relationshipbetween a contemporary issue and electromagnetic fields and waves are: therapid advantages in technology aimed for the betterment of the society has notonly posed its advantages but disadvantages as well. One desires of have thebest technology in order to ease the work but indirectly he gets exposed to thenegative side of it. For instance, the usage of mobiles has brought a diversechange in society while the exposure of children to the high frequencyelectromagnetic waves has led to many health complications. The RF presentationinto human brains and blood cells lead to their degradation.

Childhood leukemiaand symptoms related to cancers have become common due to high usage ofelectromagnetic waves in the society today, such as computers, smart phones, iPadand many other things which should be used in limits but society does not dowhat they are supposed to do.In the recent years, due totechnology advances human life are subjected to high level of Electromagneticemission, effects of the electromagnetic fields and waves and its radiation(EMR) on the human’s health is one most significant concern in the world. Thepresent paper recognizes of the possible health hazard on the humanity yexposure of electromagnetic radiations (EMR). Potential of electromagneticradiation can radiate through transmission lines which are very close tohuman’s life. The effect of the radiations is classified to two main categoriesthat are known as ionization and no-ionization radiation may have ionizationradiations have high energy that impact on the atoms in the cells, and lead tochange their natural status, however they can be too dangerous and lethal, andthey will lead to cancer and other diseases. On the other hand, non-ionization radiationsthat consist of electromagnetic radiation such as communication waves,microwaves, electrical waves. This kind of radiation cannot change structure ofatom; they just impact on their manner that it can lead to irreparable hurts.·     Introduction:The introduction of the Contemporaryissue: Impact of electromagnetic fields and waves on human health.

  Nowadays devices like mobile which usefrequencies up to Giga Hertz are used more commonly. Children’s have a developingbrain and their tissue and cells are more sensitive compared to that of adults.Every tissue in their body consists of more amount of water which holds theproperty of conduction. This amount of water and higher concentration of ionsabsorb RF (Radio Frequencies) energy easily through these communicatingdevices. The study does far clearly mentions that the development of embryo,fetus is more susceptible to these toxicants.Several publications in thescientific literature have raised concern about the individual and publichealth impact of adverse non-ionizing radiation from electromagnetic field(EMF) exposure emanating from certain power, electrical and wireless devicescommonly found in the home, workplace, school and community.

Despite the manychallenges in establishing irrefutable scientific proof of harm and the variousgaps in elucidating the precise mechanisms of harm, epidemiological analysescontinue to suggest considerable potential for injury and affection as a resultof non-ionizing radiation exposure. As environmental health has not beenemphasized in medical education, some clinicians are no fully aware of possibleEMF-related health problems and, as a result, manifestations of non-ionizingradiation may remain misdiagnosed and ineffectually managed. There isrecognition of the potential cellular and tissue damage associated withexposure to ionizing radiation from X-rays, electromagnetic radiation (EMR)emanating from power lines, mobile phones, common electrical devices and sometypes of machinery has also begun to attract recent attention as a potentialhealth hazard.

The main objective of the current paper is a review concerningto possible effect of Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) on the human’s health invarious situation.The overview of Electromagneticspectrum effect toward human health is Non-ionizing radiation refers to a typeof energy that is given off or radiates’ away from the source of that energy.There are different forms of energy, each with distinct physical propertiesthat can be measured and expressed in terms of frequency and wavelengths.

Somewaves have a high frequency, some medium and some low. The electromagneticspectrum is a name used to describe a group of distinct energy forms thatemanate from various sources. The energies released are referred to as types ofEMR. Exhibiting high frequencies are gamma rays, X-rays and ultraviolet light;lower frequencies of the spectrum include microwaves and radio waves. Lightwave emission, which occurs at medium frequencies, provides for normal visionand the light we perceive; infra-red energy allows for the perception of heat.Most energy forms such as X-rays, ultraviolet energy and radio waves areinvisible and imperceptible to the human.

Without specialized instrumentation,most frequencies cannot be detected and, as a result, people generally do notappreciate their exposure to energy fields in these range. Despite the lack ofperception, exposure to high-frequency energy including X-rays is termedionizing radiation and is potentially damaging to human cells. By altering theatomic composition of cell structures, by breaking chemical bonds and byincluding free radical formation, sufficient exposure to ionizing radiation mayinflict DNA damage or mutation, thus increasing the risk of malignancy or celldeath.

     ·     Impact of waves on humanity and the world:The exposure to RF radiation indicesheating in body tissues and alters their functioning. The possible RF electricfield interactions include changes in the formation of proteins associated withion channels, changes in the binding of ligands such as Ca2 to cell receptorproteins, interaction with magnetite particles in biological tissue and radicalpair interactions, potentially increasing free-radical concentrations, therebyleading to an increased risk of oxidative damage. The impact on brain canhappen in infancy, their childhood or adolescence as the synapses are directlyaffected by the RF waves. The importance of longer lifetimeexposure has been emphasized in which acoustic neuroma occurred only after tenyears use of mobile phones.

The type of mobile-phones uses among children (e.g.text messaging), their potential biological vulnerability, and longer lifetimeexposure make extrapolation from adult studies problematic.

Such scientificuncertainty can be addressed through both the application of precautionarypolicies and through additional research. Similarly, “the epidemiologic studieshave highlighted the role of exposure of electromagnetic waves on the spermmobility morphology and viability. The study clearly indicated that the highusage of mobile phones led to decreases in fertility. Similarly, another studysignified that the exposure to power-frequency magnetic fields increases therisk of their childhood and adulthood leukemia through disruption of thenocturnal production of melatonin in the pineal gland.

“”Since the diversification of theelectromagnetic (EM) environment is spreading, it is essential to estimate theEM energy absorption rate specific absorption rate (SAR) of a pregnantwoman’s body and her fetus under various exposure situation. The study presentsthe electromagnetic penetration in a pregnant woman in proximity to amobile-phone terminal using the numeric model of a woman in her seventh monthof pregnancy (composed of fifty six organs, which includes the intrinsic organsof a pregnant woman) based on the high-resolution whole-body voxel model of a Japaneseadult woman. It was found that the SAR in the fetus strongly depends on thegeometrical relationship between the fetus and the EM source, while theaveraged SAR for the fetus is always lower than the RF safety guidelines underthe exposure conditions.

“The electromagnetic fields and humanhealth, while medical studies correlating EMF with adverse health outcomes havesometimes yielded apparently contradictory results, studies looking atreproductive dysfunction, cancer potential appear to support previoussuspicions that EMF exposure may present a health risk.  Adverse pregnancy outcomes includingmiscarriage, stillbirth, preterm delivery, altered gender ration and congenitalanomalies have all been linked to maternal EMF exposure. A large prospectivestudy published in Epidemiology, for example, is reported on peak. EMF exposurein 1063 pregnant women around the San Francisco area. After participants wore amagnetic field detector, the researchers found that rates of pregnancy lossgrew significantly with increasing levels of maximum magnetic field exposure inroutine day-to-day life.The effect of electromagnetic fieldsand cancer effecting on the human health is numerous studies have investigatedthe allegation that intense exposure to some frequencies of EMR may becarcinogenic. For example, international journal of cancer recently publishedan important population-base case-control study on the link between childhoodleukemia and magnetic fields in Japan.

By assessing magnetic fields levels inchildren’s and adults bedrooms, the researchers confirmed that high EMFexposure was associated with a significantly higher risk of childhood leukemia. The physical and psychological impactof electromagnetic fields and waves effect on human health. People with EHS frequentlyexperience debilitating symptoms which can affect any body system including thecentral nervous system, musculoskeletal system gastrointestinal tract, andendocrine system. Symptoms often lead to ongoing psychological stress andintense fear of being hit by EMR wherever they go.  Many patients become incapacitated by such fearknowing that an invisible wireless signal may incite major symptoms in thehuman body at any time and any place. This unremitting fear and preoccupationwith health issues can have a major impact on well-being, to the point whereEHS individuals develop a phobia and disdain of electricity, with some desiringto escape civilization.

“The high voltage radiation impact onhumanity and environment. The transmission lines with voltages above onehundred kV are the most powerful source of electro-magnetic non-ionizingradiation. The investigations of radiation effect on technical personnel arebegun, when initiated construction of first 220 kV transmission lines, when thefirst signals of health worsening of workers appeared. Putting into operationtransmission lines with voltage of 400 kV led to man works in this field whichafterwards became the foundation for the development of first in the world standardacts limiting the influence of 50 Hz electric field. Transmission lines withvoltage above 500 kV influence on the environment in forms of: electric fieldwith industrial frequency of 50 Hz which apart from its harmful effect causes anumber of undesirable effects. Magnetic field with industrial frequency, andcoronal discharge radiation.

“The effect of electromagnetic fieldand waves effect on sleep, there are some effects of high-frequency EMFexposure on sleep. This appears as a relevant topic for several reasons.Amongst other symptoms, complaints regarding sleep disturbances have been notedin anecdotal reports of people who believe to be affected by radiofrequencyEMF, and this has led to speculations that EMF may interfere with normal sleeppattern, thus possibly mediation other health consequences. The potential riskof sleep disturbances has to be judged against the physiological backgroundthat sleep is a very complex biological process controlled by the centralnervous system. And although the exact neurobiological mechanisms are not yetknown in detail, the regular sequences of waking and sleeping states arenecessary requirements for correct information processing of the brain,metabolic homeostatic and intact immune function.  Moreover, sleep appears to be an appropriatephysiological system to be studied with the aim of elucidating the interactionbetween high-frequency EMF and the human organism as sleep is a well-defined biologicalcondition, reacting very sensitively to external influences. Exposure can bethere is increasing evidence that weak high frequency EMF, at intensities wellbelow those necessary to cause any significant heating, can also inducebiological effects.

Nowadays, the strive to resolve the impacts of non-ionizinghigh-frequency EMF clearly is focused on cancer risk, which may possibly beexplained by an adoption of the anxiety about carcinogenic effect of ionizingradiation.            ·     Conclusion:It is recommended to have additionallaboratory and epidemiologic studies relating to childhood leukemia and ELFmagnetic fields exposure. While the devices are highly exposed directly tochildren’s health, it is better to reforms the industry ethics which involvedesign keeping children’s health in check.The present study was discussed theexposure of EMF radiations and their effects on the human health and wildlife.Especially, electromagnetic fields impact of the high voltage that is exportingfrom high voltage transmissions and corona effects. In current literatureconsidered to some main impacts on the social humanity.

The purpose of thecurrent study was to give more knowledge about electromagnetic radiationseffect on our life, because many people don’t know about hazards due toradiations that already discussed abut some fatal problems in varietycategories in ion and non-ion radiation. One of the more significant findingsto emerge from this report is that we recognize whole radiation ways that maymention, such as microwave radiation that can produce effects especially onnervous, cardiovascular, immune and reproductive systems including: damage tothe nervous system by altering electroencephalogram changes in neural responseor changes of the blood brain barrier, disruption of circadian rhythms sleep wakeby interfering with the pineal gland and hormonal imbalances, changes in heartrate and blood pressure impairment of health and immunity towards pathogens,weakness, exhaustion, determination of plumage and growth problems, DNA damage,cancer decease and impact on the pregnant women. Besides the considered abovefactors, the change of the relief under the transmission lines influences onthe distance between the conductive parts line and the ground surfaces. Ifthere are local ground rises and falls, in references to the horizon, it canlead to substantial increases and decreases values of the maximal intensityzone aside from the line center, and lead to distortion of the symmetricalfield distribution.