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  The right to privacy is a right that every human being should possess, it can be something as simple as race, to something personal like mental status.

An uncounted amount of citizens in the U.S. feel that their right to privacy has been violated or tampered with in frequent years. The relevance of the right to privacy is that it holds an individuals personal information away and private from the public. This right is in fact crucial and should not be held against you, but in some cases it is necessary due to general safety. Federal agencies should be able to draw the line on when an invasion of privacy is necessary and when it is not.

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      General safety is a concern in the modern society, no individual should walk out into the public and live with the fear that they are not safe. All over the media you can hear about mass shootings and acts of terrorism consistently, and this builds a common fear in the citizens of the United States. General safety and an individuals right to privacy constantly tie together; the federal government should be able to know when it is necessary to interfere with an individuals privacy. Whether it is going to the airport or going to a public place you are subject to a background check. It may sound intimidating but the government is frequently monitoring phone calls and collecting personal information. Some individuals believe that this is an invasion of privacy.

Others feel that it is an important precaution that the government must do to prevent terrorist acts. I believe it is necessary for the government to collect data in order to prevent these casualties that can result from an act of terrorism. Terrorism is something horrific and many problems arise from it. For example there is an ongoing war in the Middle East due to terrorism and citizens of those countries experience terrorism very frequently. It has reached a certain point that the people of those countries have to be informed on how to properly evacuate and get to cover when a situation occurs.

What is eye opening about this is that children have to grow up knowing about terrorism. Another common fear citizens in the United States share is that of mass shootings. For example the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary children, were murdered.

Those who survived have to live with this in their mind and that is not right, it is in fact frightening. In matters of general safety it is necessary to have some privacy loss to prevent any fatalities.     Now the right to privacy is not explicitly stated in the Constitution, which is shocking to most. This is where the topic of an individuals right to privacy gets complex, any citizen should have this right. How will it be protected if it is not stated in the Constitution? The right to privacy is in fact controversial because the fourth and fifth amendment imply that an individuals privacy is protected.

Individuals decide what information is to be kept private and away from others, which is commonly overseen. For example when an individual signs up for a social website, they are asked and or warned that they may use your information. Most people skip over and do not read the warnings and the company goes on to collect and see certain data. An individuals privacy can be violated when a rumor or a false statement about them is spread.     There is an ongoing debate concerning government agencies collecting and monitoring an individuals data. Depending on who you ask if it is acceptable for the government to collect personal data, you wont get a definitive answer. Some will side that it is acceptable because we need some privacy loss to prevent acts of terrorism. They believe that the government should know when it is acceptable to collect this information.

Now all citizens do want to have a sense of protection and a feeling of security when they are in public. The citizens that do not want any privacy loss, may feel that there are more effective methods to combating terrorism. Whether it is background checks on foreigners and patrolling the waters and borders. I believe that it is necessary for the government to monitor phone calls and collect other data.

I would much rather have a slight loss of privacy than to have multiple citizens injured or even worse dead, due to an act of terrorism. If citizens took on this point of view, understanding that innocent lives are being loss, they would not mind.      The right to privacy is a trending topic and in the upcoming years it has to be discussed.

Individuals have to understand that a minor loss of privacy can indeed prevent a major incident. Whether it is an act of terrorism or a mass shooting, we should be considerate and think for the safety of the country as a whole. The government is knowledgeable and understands why an individuals privacy should be protected because behind that job it is just another citizen. Another citizen who wants to nurture and protect the upcoming generations rights as it was intended by the founding fathers. The country has to come together and realize the importance of privacy connected to the safety of the public.