The Revolutionary War, not just the men that fought

    The Revolutionary War:              Woman In The Revolutionary War                           Brandi Rayford                           January 4, 2018                                  Introduction Woman in the Revolutionary War were important not just the men. Woman set relife for the soldiers and much more. Also the woman widowed even as young as the age of 35 at the least.

Another thing is they actually did most of the work.That they did do a lot of helping.                                                   Esther ReedA woman who helped in the Revolutionary War was Esther Reed. Esther Reed was born October 22, 1746. Esther Reed was married to a Revolutionary War governor. She also a nice leader that formed “Ladies Philadelphia.” Another thing she did was set relief for the soldiers.

Esther Reed departed September 18, 1780.                                        Mary Ball Washington     Another women who helped during the Revolutionary War was Mary Ball Washington. She was born November 30, 1708.Mary Ball Washington was George Washington’s mother. The Revolutionary War was often found to be stranded.

Mary Washington widowed at the age of 35, and left with 5 children to raise.  Her husband died when her son George Washington was eleven. Mary Ball Washington departed  August 26, 1789.                                                                                                         Abigail AdamsAnother woman besides Esther Reed and Mary Ball Washington is Abigail Adams. She was born November 22, 1744. Abigail Adams was married to John Quincy Adams whom was the sixth president of the United States of America, so she was a first lady, precisely the sixth one.

 she helped by trading livestock, hired services, and she watched over planting and harvesting. Abigail Adams departed October 28, 1818.                                                                  Conclusion         As you can see, women were important in the Revolutionary War, not just the men that fought in the war.

Abigail, Mary, and Esthel all were supportive during the Revolutionary War.                          Cited  Sources