The person in the renaissance was Galileo Galilei. He

The Renaissance was a period of time which lasted for 400 years, between 1300 and 1700. The word Renaissance means Rebirth. The Renaissance took place in Italy, but it began in Constantinople (Now Istanbul), during the time when the Turks tried to conquer Constantinople.This important battle was called The Fall of Constantinople.

There is a hilarious song about this called Istanbul not Constantinople. One important person of the Renaissance was Leonardo da Vinci. He contributed to the Renaissance by making the first designs for the helicopter andhe also made the war tank, which he did for Ludovico Sforza. Many people don’t know that he also created the paperclip, the revolving door and the flying machine(first designs for a plane).

He is the greatest artist in history and he proved this by painting a lot of famous paintings. For example, the world-famous Mona Lisa was painted by Leonardo da Vinci. The Mona Lisa is considered by many to be the greatest piece of art in history. It was important because it invented a new way of merging the face with the background to make it look more realistic. Before, artists used lines to separate the body from the background and this made it look unrealistic.? The Mona LisaAlso, the helicopter revolutionized air travel, and the tank made a big impact in war. His inventions were funded by many people, but mainly Ludovico SforzaAnother important person in the renaissance was Galileo Galilei.

He made a big influence in astronomy by  inventing the telescope, the thermometer and the compass. He specialized in mechanisms, astronomy, mathematics and physics. This contributions were important to the renaissance because the telescope helped astrologists in their work.

Also, without the compass, sailors wouldn’t know where to sail their ships. Yet another person who influenced the Renaissance was Johannes Gutenberg. He was a blacksmith who was good at xylography. He disappeared in 1444, but he reappeared in 1448.

He invented the printing press. This is a very important invention, because if it wasn’t invented, we wouldn’t be able to read books which are an essential part of learning. Also, his invention was important because before the printing press, a monk had to write the books and mistakes would be made very often. His father gave him the necessary money, as he was from a wealthy background.William Harvey is another great scientist who was made famous in the Renaissance.

He was the first person to describe the detail in the circulatory system. This was highly important in battle because if someone was shot, it would be much easier to find the bullet. The circulatory system is the way the heart pumps blood around the body.? William HarveyAll these people are important, and have had a major influence to the Renaissance, but I think that Leonardo da Vinci was the most influential as he is considered by many to be the greatest artist of all time because of his work, the Mona Lisa, and The Last Supper. Also, another one of his inventions, the tank, used for war, helped a lot in battle, as it could withstand objects that other vehicles couldn’t. He also reshaped air travel with his designs for the helicopter.

That is why I think that Leonardo da Vinci is the most influential person in the Renaissance.Sources: Wikipedia, I and S book