“The people, it carries a message, and we the

“The true beauty of music is that it connects people, it carries a message, and we the musicians, are the messengers” (Ayers).  Music has a different meaning for everyone. Music can be a gateway to the soul for some and just a distraction for others. Music is a way to show emotion through singing, lyrics, and instruments.  Music has many different components, constantly changes, and will remain a part of the human life forever.One of the major components of music is dynamics. Dynamics is the different volumes which adds characteristic to the song that is being played.

It can help tell a story through the dynamics. If the music is pp that means it is very quiet which can show that it is supposed to be timid or sad. If the music show ff this this would mean angry or excitement. This all depends on the composer wants the listeners to hear. Rhythm is the timing of music. This also known as the tempo of the music which means how fast the music is going.

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This is on the top of sheet music to show how fast or slow you need to the song. There is a tool called a metronome that helps musicians keep a steady tempo through the song. The rhythm also includes time signature, which shows how many counts per measure there are during the music.

Another characteristic of music is the pitch. Pitch is determined by sounds waves, and shows the difference between the highs and lows through the sound.(Elements of Music) Also the key the song is in affect the music that is played. There are 24 total keys, this consists of equal amount of major and minor keys. The notes that are played depend on what key they are in. (Pouska)Music has changed over the years a lot. Starting with 1750’s this is when classical music started to be very popular. A famous classical composer during this period was Johann Nicolaus Bach (1669-1753).

He passed soon after the genre of music became popular.  In 1830 romantic music was the new type of music people began to listen to. This type of music was written to make listeners feel different emotions. Also, during this time orchestras were becoming more known and common. From early 1900s to 1960 Opera was one of the popular genres of music.

Other music genres that grew or started in the 1900: jazz (1910), country was formed in 1920, in 1950 rock was created, and in 1970 rap music was composed. (Music Genre Timeline)Music is a part of everyone’s life even if they do not know it. Now you can listen to music on the radio, phones, televisions, concerts, and many other ways. Musicians are more famous now because there’s so many devices and places you are able to hear them. Before music was listen to with the use of  records players, phonograph, graphophone, and gramophone.

(How listening to music has changed). Through all these inventions the sound has improved tremendously. With these inventions it has helped spread the joy of music all over.

“To stop the flow of music would be like the stopping of time itself, incredible and inconceivable” (Copeland). Music has existed since the first sound emerged. The different generations have changed how it is produced, spread, and genres. Music will be around forever ever changing and affecting humans until the end of time.