The peace for over 200 years. This shows The

The lingering sweet and floral aroma, relaxing sounds of nature, with radiant and luminous colors mingling together on the rim of two impressive nations. Nature’s allure and elegance can be found positioned inside the astonishing Turtle Mountains of Manitoba and North Dakota. A place filled with awe and fascination it brings a modern and rustic path to Nature’s charm. A garden that illustrates peace, friendship, and unity. Encompassing modest waterfalls, 155,00 exquisite flowers, and distinguished hiking trails. The vast, 86 year old garden termed as the International Peace Garden of North Dakota and Manitoba acquires countless fragments of natures allure.

The International Peace Garden has many intriguing elements of nature and symbolism. For example, The Garden serves as a symbol of friendship amist two strong countries and perceives war as an obscenity. It reminds us how citizens of both nations must work together(International Peace Garden). The peace garden is set on the geographic center of the North American continent “straddling” the US and Canadian border. Furthermore, the garden spanning over “2,300 acres” features vivid wildflowers and lakes, while preserving nature and subtly promoting peace.

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This shows that the garden lightly hints and reminds visitors of the friendship between the two nations through its location and plentiful blossoms. The Peace Garden is a field of unity and nature that is marveled at by acres of people with beauty and intrigue. Behind the International Peace Garden is a thought-provoking past. First, the garden which was created in 1932, was envisioned by Henry J. Moore to protect and preserve nature. Secondly, The stunning garden was dedicated with a Cairn with constructive and inspiration words of wisdom. Furthermore, the gardens core values are to believe tolerance, mutual respect, and community service. (International Peace Garden Foundation) Lastly, the garden represents the two dynamic nations of Canada and U.

S.A being at peace for over 200 years. This shows The International Peace Garden has an intriguing history that repeatedly goes unnoticed, considering its goals arThere is more to the International Peace Garden that meets the eye and ear, particularly its intriguing history. The International peace garden is improving and developing everyday ensuring satisfaction of visitors.  For example, plenty of flowers and planting beds are planted each and every summer.

In addition, the garden works to accomplish their ultimate goal of “fostering” world peace and advance “global friendship”. The garden is also working on completing Hugh Vincent Feehan’s original plans for the garden. This shows that there is a lot happening in the garden which includes improvements and additions. The garden is always changing for the better. The peace garden of over 80 years offers its visitors an escape into nature.

The garden represents peace between two nations while preserving and protecting nature. The garden is an amazing place to visit while observing peace and tranquilty between two nations.