The Our America (Alba Organization) has sent humanitarian assistance

TheSyrian state, having suffered from a catastrophic conflict for more than fiveyears, now needs to face the great challenge of moving forward. The complexityof the war, the brutalities, and the humanitarian crisis that evolved, havecome to pass the Syrian borders and affect the regional and the internationalcommunity demanding determinant action.

It is true that the conflict has beengetting very complicated with many different players fighting to protect theirinterest but facts such as the escalation of the terrorist attacks, the deathsof thousands of civilians, and the refugee crisis have made the need for astabilization program greater than ever before, a program that will set thefoundations of peacebuilding and development in the region but at the same timerespect the state’s sovereignty.  Theunsuccessful results of the effort to implement the United Nations SecurityCouncil resolution 2043 of 21 April 2012 for monitoring a cessation of armedviolence and the ineffective effort to implement the Joint Special Envoy’ssix-point plan to end the conflict in Syria has shown how the escalation ofacts of violence prevent the United Nations’ supervision mission in Syria and restthe implementation of any similar mandate impossible. It has been underscoredby the Head of the UN Supervision Mission in Syria that the lack of willingnessby the parties to seek a peaceful transition had been causing much threat forthe UN observers leading to the eventual suspension of the mission.

This is whyVenezuela has voted in favor of the 2254 Resolution which emphasizes the needfor the engagement of the political parties in Syria to the implementationprocess of a ceasefire. However, Venezuela strongly condemns any externaleffort to overthrow the current government of Syria, as was the case in Libya,and will only support and approve of a stabilization mechanism that will facilitatea political solution which will be Syrian-led with all Syrian parties involvedin the process. Taking any stabilization step in Syria without the consent ofall major parties will be driven to failure.  Venezuelahas been willing to receive Syrian refugees and working together with the BolivarianAlliance for the Peoples of Our America (Alba Organization) has senthumanitarian assistance to the Syrian people, and it will continue to do so toalleviate the suffering of the ailing and starving population. Also, given ourown experience with multiculturalism which is celebrated in our constitution,we strongly believe in a Syria that can be diverse and united at the same time,a Syria that will be assisted to stabilize in its own manner and not forced toaccept a solution determined by external bodies. We will continue to beskeptical and opposed to a process of stabilization that will alter thepolitical situation and power relations in Syria. Therefore, Venezuela willback any effort to assist the suffering population in the region whilesupporting solutions for the political and economic development of the country thatwill come as a result of the engagement and discussions of the Syrian partiesand people.  Reaffirmingits will to help the Syrian state  moveforward leaving all violence and conflict behind, and understanding thecomplexities in the region including the terrorist activities, and the greatongoing humanitarian crisis, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela proposes thefollowing measures to assist the Syrian state in its way to stabilization: To ensure a united effort of theinternational community to provide humanitarian assistance to the citizens thathave been mostly affected; ensure shelter for the homeless, medication andtreatment for the injured, food and clean water for the starving, as well as ahome for the refugees.

To work together to try and engage all theSyrian relevant parties in a negotiation process where the Syrian leaders andthe opposition will reach an agreement on how to build a political system thatwill be embraced by the majority.Not to establish a transitional governingbody that is illegitimate and is violating the state’s right of sovereignty andself-determination.To call for the engagement andparticipation of the Syrian Diaspora in the talk for Syria’s future. To continue condemning the practices ofthe terrorist groups and intensify the international effort for mapping thesituation in Syria and defining which are the areas where their work is presentso that these areas alone and not civilians suffer any attacks in the fightagainst terrorism.

To make sure that a UN supervision missionwill be re-established in the country if and only if there is a politicalagreement of the parties so that the case in 2012 is not repeated. To offer a vision ofhope for the country by forcing parties to agree on a joint effort for ensuringhealth and education for the children in Syria under peaceful conditions,because a country’s future depends on its youth and no country can prosper andovercome the hardships of a war without a strong and young generation.