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The cases of suicide are on rise these days around the worldand it has become more like aneasy way to end life but before the suicide there would be a lot of thoughtsgoing through themind of that person before they take such a step. Killing yourself is not aneasy task though.What is Suicide?We know that its killing yourself. However if you look atthe word itself, it says suicide whichcan be divided into 2 parts SUI and CIDE. The first word SUI can be denoted as Stress UnbearableInside and CIDE sounds like Sidewhich means to move in sideways direction. So in short you cansay that when someone would be experiencing unbearable stress inside the mindand they have no direction in front of them so they see suicide as the only option.

An example of suicidethoughtWe have all heard of our respected Anna Hazare Ji who is awell known social worker. He was a part of the Indian Army for a very long time. After he retired from the IndianArmy, he did not have a vision of what to do ahead as he was happy serving the nation andserving was his quality.After retirement he thought that it was better to end lifethen to live. Just before that he visited hisvillage and saw a lot of issues that the villagers were facing due tocorruption. He then decided thathe had a purpose in front of him and that was to help his villagers have abetter life.

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He started getting help of his villagers and slowly thingsstarted to improve and Anna Ji had a visionto live by. When does Suicide happen?·        When someone feels rejected·        When someone commits a big mistake and cantshare with anyone·        When someone goes through stress for very long·        When someone has no vision to live for in frontof them·        When someone looses a loved one·        When someone has gone through physical abuseand many more reasons which canlead to suicideThoughts of a personwho may suicide·        No one loves me·        No one understands me·        I can’t talk to anyone about how I feel·        I don’t have a purpose in life·        I don’t deserve to live anymoreand many more thoughts which canlead to suicide   How to preventSuicide?Everything starts with a thought and then turns into action.Someone who has such thoughts should do a few things immediately to move out of the suicide thoughts zone·        Talk to a loved one or a counsellor·        Take Medicines if required to keep the thoughtsin control·        Take a break from the routine and do somethingdifferent·        Change the location or the company of people whichinvoke such thoughts·        Develop a creative hobby which enablescreativity·        Start Reading Self help books·        Watch some inspiring movies·        Learn MeditationWhat can work best?All of the above can work but 2 things can work wonders topull out someone from thesesuicide thoughts·        Talk to a loved one or counsellor This works well because it helps the personto speak up and become mentally free frominside.

He also finds someone to help them talk out of such thoughts and trainthem whatto think. ·        Take MedicinesThis also works like magic as thebrain goes through some chemical changes due to which the suicide thoughts keep hitting the mind. The medicine works on thesechemicals whichslow down the speed of thoughts.·        Learn Meditation This is the ultimate way of preventionagainst suicide as meditation is all about channelizingthoughts from negative to positive and usually when the person is alone, onlyhis own selftalk can save himself. During meditation when the mind becomes calm, you canprogram itwith positive and energizing thoughts or create good vision for yourself and yourfuture.Some more thoughts toavoid suicide·        I am a beautiful soul filled with 7 innatequalities of Love, Peace, Happiness, Bliss, Knowledge, Purity and Power·        All the souls belong to one god father soeveryone is mine and a family member·        I am here to serve all and I am a giver·        My purpose of life is much higher rather thanrestricted to only my immediate family,friends and relativesNote: These thoughtsshould be practiced during meditation when the mind is calm and composed.

 These days, online mental health counselling is also beingused as a tool to prevent people fromcommitting suicide. Since every one of us has mobiles and we are connected24x7, the onlinemental health counselling is using the mobile apps to reach to people in needfor a discussion.Also in villages due to lack of good counsellors, the online mental healthcounselling brings thebest counsellors on one platform to reach out to even the remotest village forcounselling people and preventing from suicides to happen. Do you think this is how we can prevent suicide? Do shareyour thoughts.