The of the entire ancient world. They had developed

The Mayans were one of the most astonishing civilization of the entire ancient world.

They had developed a hierarchical government where each city-state had its own king and ruler class, and the king was considered to be god-like in the Mayans society.  Usually, one city-state was more powerful than the others so the people who lived in other cities had to  respect them in order to ensure peace. The Mayans also had the caste system where status was usually hereditary. The caste system was an unchangeable social status where once you are born in that social status you cannot leave.  The function of the Mayan political system was to create hierarchy in their civilization which were ruled by kings who were treated almost god-like.

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 The people of the Mayans society have always thought that the kings were chosen by god himself to give order in their era. A Maya king was expected to be a military leader. He would often carry out raids against rival city states. The Maya Kings also offered blood to the gods as a sign of respect. The rulers were also expected to have a great mind to solve problems that the city might be facing, including war and food crisis. When a ruler died and left no heir to their throne then this will result in a war.

Both men and women were able to take the kings as a ruler if the king wasn’t yet of age or if they were away for war. Since the Mayans had believed in the caste system, People from different class were treated differently. For example rulers had lived a life of luxury.  Rulers held hereditary positions and their child  inherited their right to rule from their fathers.

The only way a new ruling family could take over would be by war. This is one reason fights and wars between Maya cities were common. Furthermore, their were also priest who were considered the most powerful people of ancient maya. People had brought gifts and had done free labour for whatever the priest needed because it was believed that priest could deliver message to god. Moreover, their were poor people in ancient maya who were considered ” peasants who worked very hard and did not live a life like the nobles. Peasants usually lived outside the cities where most of them worked as farmers. Lastly, There were slaves who were the lowest level in class.

Slaves had no rights of privileges and most of them were used as human sacrificesThe law in ancient maya was very strict. Everyone in maya were treated and punished the same when it came to breaking the law. Punishment varied depending on the crime from fines, having all possessions sold or auctioned, jail time, or being thrown into slavery. In conclusion, the Mayans had one of the most remarkable and complex political system during the ancient era.

There were many class which people were associated in and beliefs the mayan had that changed their lifestyle.