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The Chernobyl Card is the worst disaster in the history of mankind, which has claimed many lives and many of the effects so far, but on the other hand they had a lot of lessons learned from this disaster1. In the event of such an incident.

In the Chernobyl disaster, officials refused to tell the truth2. Take maximum safety by evictionEvacuation procedures have been delayed. Many people have lost their lives, and many have been exposed to harmful radiation that has not yet been affected.3. Monitor the level of radiation closely in the radiation In this disaster, the authorities allowed children to use the form of drinking heavily contaminated milk, and as a result, many children high doses of radiation to the thyroid gland4.

Re-evaluation of safety issues has been carried out in Rumk and several improvements have been made regarding their safety5-Oberator SPA Nuclear industry realized that the industry is always a global industry.6. The State recognized that the application of international standards was necessary.These standards relate to the actions of the nuclear industry7. The State has also recognized that cooperation between nuclear and regulatory stakeholders with the international community is essential8.

Operators and regulators identified stakeholder involvement before, during and after the emergency phase as critical to nuclear safety9. Safety culture: There are no safety measures that can prevent an accident if there is no safety culture that governs management behavior and staff.10. Provide the necessary infrastructure to advance the requirements of nuclear safety through1. Provision of technical equipment and equipment2. Experience human experience with nuclear protection and safety measures3.

The existence of an effective administrative organization within each nuclear facility11. Provide specific measures to ensure the safety and safety of the reactor before1 quality assurance components radiatorsDesign of safety systems for the prevention of major accidents12. Establishment of a database on nuclear information and peaceful uses13. Training courses on nuclear safety and security in nuclear power plants