The of Hawaiian monarch. The relationship between the US

The first settlers in Hawaii were the Polynesian voyages. During this time the European nations had a great interested in Hawaiian Island. The Americans were concerned about Hawaii being part of a European empire. In the early 18th century the Americans came to Hawaii to take sandalwood which had a great value in China during that time period. In 1830’s Hawaii was introduced to sugar industry which led Americans a chance to enter the Hawaii. The sugar trade brought a lot of change in the Hawaii such as culture difference, political, economic and religious. By 1840 constitutional monarchy was established which led to a destruction of Hawaiian monarch. The relationship between the US and Hawaii had a major turning point when congress approved of McKinley tariff which raised import rates to foreign sugar. The sugar planters were undersold in the American market which lead to a depression. The tariff made the sugar grower who were mostly Americans anxious. The American sugar planter knew that if Hawaii was annexed by the U.S. the tariff would be diminished. In 1891 the throne was given to Queen Liliuokalani. Queen Liliuokalani believed the reason for all the problems in Hawaii was due to foreign interference. This lead to a rise of annexation of Hawaii Island. In 1893 the planters planned to overthrow the Queen and appealed to United States armed force for protection. The United States armed force agreed to this propositions and without the approval of the president they charged into the island. The Americanan minister at the time raised the American flag in Honolulu. The American ministers of the islands raised the flag of America in Honolulu. The queen was abdicated and the decision was left to Washington politicians. Grover Cleveland the president at the time opposed the decision of annexations by withdrawing the annexation treaty from the senate. Grover Cleveland wanted to restore the queens throne. The debate of annexation continued throughout his presidency. In 1898 a war broke out with Spain the naval base Pearl Harbor provided a tremendous help. This war convinced the congress for the approval for a formal annexation of Hawaii. After two years Hawaii was formally a part of U.S territory. In 1959 Hawaii was granted as 50th state of United States of America.