The more on its products and offerings rather than

The problem is Toshiba’s ego made the company focus more on its
products and offerings rather than the needs and wants of their customers. The
self sufficiency of the corporation recently showed the negative outcome
leading to marketing myopia, they started losing their customers due to lack of
understanding of their needs. On the other hand, other companies such as Apple
and Samsung came up with innovative products that were friendly to their target
audience which helped them to achieve a high level of customer’s satisfaction
and a high market share.


Toshiba’s known statement is “Leading Innovation” yet the level of
innovation used is not remarkable. The company should make customers feel and
experience the innovation promised, Statements cannot just be believed it has
to be matched with expectations through the experience of the customer or it will
just be an ordinary phrase.

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As mentioned before Toshiba is diverse. The corporation seek to
generate in different fields which can result in increasing their revenues. Due
to the high level of diversity Toshiba lost its focus on fast selling major products
such as lap-tops in which the company didn’t follow up with the marketing
trends which lead other companies to tackle what is needed in the new smart market. (Editors,



4.0 Objectives


The goals to be attained
in this proposal is to nourish back Toshiba’s brand. It is a necessity to
clarify the brand in relation with its target market with meaning. The brand
should have a relationship with its customers by creating empathy, love and
engagement, all these aspects will give a positive feedback to the brand as it
will soon result in brand loyalty and also brand advocacy which then will lead
to a successful brand equity and brand value. (Malhotra, 2015)


To achieve an
affirmative brand positioning and brand image, some elements are needed to be
classified and studied to understand the required brand strategy needed to
prosper a successful brand.

These elements are:-


1- Brand equity

2- Target audience

3- Brand promise

4- Frame of reference


Each element will
be represented in a classification table which will represent the uniqueness of
the brand.



Brand equity: –
The measurement of the favorable intangible aspects a brand preserve in order
to be outstanding among competitors. The image perceived by the customers
comparing you with other brands and the willingness to choose your brand
between various different brands also creates your brand equity. (Aaker, 1991) 




The table below
will demonstrate how Toshiba’s brand is perceived.





Product / service competitive segment

Home appliance, elevators, hospital equipment,
nuclear power generation systems, laptops, gadgets 
High quality/
prime not luxurious


infrastructure companies, government, mostly the total population. Average

Brand awareness

High level

Brand image







Target audience:
– Are basically the customers in which the brand seeks to reach to interpret
and serve. The target market can be segmented into more precise aspects such as
demographics, personality traits and purchase behavior. Segmenting the target
market helps the brand to achieve a favorable feedback from their audience. (Weinstein, 2004)







The table below
will represent the target audience segmentation according to the brand.



Profile of the

Consumer need expression

Young and trendy

I like to explore and
experience new things 

Creative and unique

Brand oriented

I trust well-known

It has to be a brand


I always read books
and also like to gain general information and knowledge.

It has to be
efficient without deforms.

Money saver

I prefer buying the
cheapest price.

Price has to be

Status driven

I always choose the

Price is of no
concern it just has to be the best




Brand promise: –
it’s the commitment the brand make for its target customers that the benefits
are unique and the service or product offered are just as expected. As for
Toshiba the brand statement is “Leading Innovation” yet other brands are
actually way ahead of Toshiba in innovation. Therefore, when a brand statement
is misconceived by the public it will surely create a negative brand promise. Because
obviously the brand is not offering what it had promised.










The table below
will demonstrate the benefits in order to make a brand promise.







Benefit ladder


Self-actualization, socially
updated , unique   

Emotional benefit

Social satisfactory

Exhilarating environment
with technology

Consumer benefit

Convenient, appropriate,

Modern technology and

Product benefit

High quality, reliable and upgradable

Executive Products and
services of premium structure and facilities

Product attribute

User friendly
products and coherent services






Frame of reference:
– The awareness of the brand positive aspects such as how the customers perceive
the brand, the level of distinctiveness among its competitors and the positive future
of the brand in which it can evolve.











The table below
represents Toshiba competing brands






Product/competitive segment

high quality, home appliance

Very high quality, home appliance

high quality, home appliance


Total population, average income  

Total population,
Average income

Total population,
Average income

Brand awareness

Very High awareness worldwide, more than both LG and

High awareness world wide

High awareness worldwide mostly in Asia and middle

Brand image

Trendy, user friendly, technological design and

high quality, professional, user friendly technological,
innovation and unique

High quality, high endurance, moderate innovation, technological
and user friendly




Positioning Brand


Toshiba brand acquire
high level of technology and innovation in its products and services with top quality
which allows customers experience a brand benefit in which they feel modernized
and updated according to trends and their needs. The brand offerings prices are
of high relevance in relation to the target market. Toshiba is a global prominent
brand. The brand is unique in its offerings and most importantly the brand is
highly experienced due to many years of operation in electronics and technology