The life of people in the Balkans then go

Thenarratorbringsthe storyline together with the whole mise-en-scene.

Withthe narrater, we make time travel between Manakis brothers’ threereels and A’ journey.In the opening scene, firstly,we witness daily life of people in the Balkans then go forward topresent, the scene which threemen, Yanakis,Yanakis’assistant andAare seen andYanakis’ assistant istalking about the possibility of undevelopment three reel of Manakisbrothers, giving clue that what will be film about, then the camerapans left and tracks backward, seeing the man dies and the other manmoves to the rights, meanwhile, camera follows him that is called”unmotivatedmovement”. Headliner,A who appears about fourty yers, is seen, he is moving and again thecamera follows him, his last word in the opening scene is “ajourney”. Theship’s horn is heard, he looks deeply to ship with sorrowful melodyin the background and the camera tracks forward directly to the shipwhich is called “dolly”thenthe ship starts to sail and the camera remains stable, an example for”longtake”.

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Consideringthe the use of long take in the opening scene, e xpressing his deepyearn to home, life and demand to expose the undeveloped reels whichdisplaysthe past of the Balkans, isahope about the future and hope for the people ruined by the war,politics,ideologies. Finally, after that scene, A’s journay literally begins. Inthe first sequences,in Florina,politicaland social conflicts and ideological distinction are demonstrated.Thereare lotsof poeple inthestreet, standing still under the rain with their umbrellas,the camera pans to right, meanwhile, the voices are coming fromsomewhere but sources can not be seen, that is called “nondiegecticsound”.People are just listening the movie but can not watch itprobably it is forbidden in that time.

Thesceneshifts to frame in whichpolice separating demonstrators with torches, and other people withumbrellas. Angelopouslosuses his dominant technique that long takes and long shots, creatinga possible way to explicate and interprete his perspective throughtthe film and prompts the audience to observe and think deeply inevery aspects. He shots almost every significant and dramatic scenesin long shots.

By doing that, the alienation and misery of theconsequences of the war laid down in the purpose of the film. His aimof use that is constructing uninterrupted integrity in which