The is technology. Some researchers consider the inability to

 Thedevelopment of technology has become an engine of growth all over the world.The more technology helps people and boosts the economic growth of the worldthe easier it “traps” people of all ages and cultures into its infinitedimensions.

 Althoughtechnology may be useful in many ways, it can also be extremely dangerous andharmful to those who abuse and become addicted to it.11. Technology addiction, groupessayLink:

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html                                       Self-control equalsto success in life. Nowadays a lot of people suffer from problems withself-control. One of the reasons of having no self-control is technology. Someresearchers consider the inability to stop using technology to be an addictionand that’s why a lot of people can’t live without a smartphone. Indeed smartphone is one of the biggest inventionsever made but despite being extremely useful and “fun” it can also have adevastating negative impact in our minds.

    The inability to stop using technology is a common problem. If you Google”can’t stop using phone” or related keywords you will find many articles aboutthe subject.22.

Self-control & technologyLink: Just take a moment to think… How many weeks, daysor even hours would people be able to live properly without using Internet,their smartphones or computers? Although it’s impossible to give a preciseanswer, I will dare and say, not many. Since the smartphone was invented peoplehave started losing their self-control. They lose their mind while surfing onthe Internet forgetting their priorities and more important things in life.Being so addicted causes a lot of problems not only at adults but at childrentoo. For example, nowadays, children prefer playing on a mobile phone rather thanplaying outside.

They are so addicted that they can’t make up their mind if it istime to study or if it’s the time to play and that’s when self control startsdisappearing. Even in a religious point of view, the first crime ever committedby man was a lapse of self-control.33. The myth of self-controlLink: https://www.vox.

com/science-and-health/2016/11/3/13486940/self-control-psychology-myth Maybesuppressing our desires isn’t always the best thing to do but something iscertain, we all need self-control. A world without standards is a recipe forchaos. Without monitoring, you know what you need to do and have the energy todo it, but you struggle to accomplish much because you do not keep track ofyour progress.44. Self-control: Teaching studentsabout their greatest inner strengthLink:  http://www. We mustn’t forget that adults are also partof the problem with the lack of ‘self-control”. As itwas written in the Guardian text, our minds can be hijacked. Adults areaddicted on things like taking photos and posting them on Facebook to get somelikes. This thing it’s becoming a priority in most people’s lives. A lot ofthem can’t imagine their lives without mobiles or laptops and a lot of themspend most of their day surfing the Internet. They forget that having self-control improves their lives in threedifferent ways.

The first one is the individual wellbeing, which means having abetter health. Studies show that people with a higher level of self-control have lower levels of stress and livehappier lives. Secondly it is relationships, when people need their partner tohave self-control on their work and carrier instead of being addicted to socialnetworks.

And thirdly it’s society, which is part of our routine life. Nowadaysmore and more adult people prefer chatting rather than talking or going outwith their friends.   Inspite of these many problems, we don’t have to fear about the smartphoneaddiction and losing self-control. This problem can be solved in differentways. The most important points to improve your self-control are a lot likebecoming a mental energy accountant.

 A helpful metaphor is the tale of “Ulysses” and the sirens.5Ulysses knew that the sirens’ enchanting song could lead him to follow them. Hedidn’t want to do that but at the same time he also did not want todeprive himself from hearing their song. It is true that Ulysses was unable toresist temptation but he managed to find a way that prevented him from being trappedby this “temptation”.

 5. How self-control works?Link: Being able to understand how to manage your own time is also one of themost important steps of taking your self-control in your hands.   Self-control is an important value,which makes you a more balanced person.

People who are better atself-control actually enjoy the activities more than the other group wholikes staying in front of their mobile phone playing games, surfing the web or postingphotos on social networks to get likes and it seems pretty ridiculous to putall your life’s focus on these things.  People who aregood at self-control also have better habits. They tend to be more focused on their duties.By showing people what self-control is, how itworks and why it is important, we will provide them with knowledge that canhelp them achieve their goals and have a happy, more productive and a moremeaningful life.44. Self-control: Teaching studentsabout their greatest inner strength – ConclusionLink:

aspx Technology will neverstop its progress but this doesn’t mean that we can’t stop from losing ourself-control. We must understands that inventions are just gadgets that givepleasure for a brief period of time but will never help us to achieve successin life. While reading I underlined a very interesting quote, which said, “Iam, indeed, a king, because I know how to rule myself” (Pietro Aretino)6, which meansthat we decide for ourselves instead of letting our fate in the hands of technologicalequipment. 6.

Benefits of self-control -ConclusionLink: As previouslymentioned self-control is not all about suppressing your desires; it also emphasizesworking towards a higher ideal in order to achieve long-term goals.