The is any conceptual error for construction to look

The space concept of constructionism has developed from Derrida’s philosophy in deconstructivism and the concept possesses psychological issue of construction which deconstructivism yields at its appearance on the buildings.  Fundamental concept of deconstructivism attempts to seek the psychological aspect of the space whereas irregular form that differentiates from modernism is the entity of the deconstructivism philosophy concept which seeks for intangible conceptual truth from the shape in order of its construction. If there is any conceptual error for construction to look at the space, then philosophy in space is to expand the meaning of the construction through speculation.

In order for this expansion to occur, scope that sees architectural space in relation with aesthetic, philosophy and archaeology as a singular architectural activity is vital. While study objects of the philosophy are the fundamental things such as human, nature, god and cosmos, then architecture subjects space and expression as its philosophy. Then what would be the characteristics of the deconstructivism observed from spatial-philosophical aspect? From various view points, those can be found from the continuity of the intangible trace and vagueness of the meaning in space, also in the viewpoint of time andspace, the space possibility of the deconstructivism is recognized through the continuity of repetitive and connected time. Perception taken from various view point allows its origin of perspective to expand. And it is différance that freed restrained viewpoint of fundamental spatial structure that only used to seek for orders and stability. In the aspect of various viewpoint, the time of the perspective for the construction is expanded to the space.

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Those opened the possibilities for the essential space structure of the construction which was pursuing order andbalance to be viewed in the various viewpoint through the différance. The various viewpoint provided a new meaning through the perspective possibilities of the space and no meaning of axle, also the viewpoint of the additional replacement found a possibility that the adding center and possibility of separation can be recognized in the meaning system of space. Finally, the différance opened the possibility to approach to the main concept of the différance through the structure of bias line. Bias line is added into the space as the main concept of the différance and brings the meaning of delaying. The meaning provides the possibility of creation through the différance. The deconstructivism observed from the spatial-philosophical aspect creates the meaning of psychological symbols through the characteristics of center such as intangible, space, connection and différance which ultimately divides into system that is imaginative or drifts. We can see that it forms a visual system through the characteristics of repeating, perspective, axle, separation and bias line also it is divided into inevitable, transcendental or analytical system of meaning.

The system of meaning in the psychological symbol is an attempt to recognize the entity of the space which includes deconstructivism. Deconstructivism has been presented as non typical shape recognition through transformation, différance, off-center, trace, separation,repeating and spread, etc. However, deconstructivism with the viewpoint of the philosophy in space gives more meaning to the recognition of the space which is the entity of intangibles. The entity of the psychological symbol of the deconstructivism is the recognition of the imaginative essential space meaning. It suggests the limitation of recognizing existing value through the figure of the broken pieces and of coming far behind the imaginative thinking through and possibility of delayed meaning.

The drift, however, is the psychological symbol was trying find the existing value of the construction from the essence of space. The various material space that deconstructivism expresses constructed différance. The deconstructivism has suggested the possibility of the space that deconstructivism has through the transformation, trace from the productivity and différance.

However, drift of the deconstructivism through the philosophy in space tried to approach to the recognition of time and space aspect. There is some absences when the deconstructivism deal with transcendental time as comparison to how it deal with the space and figure problems. However, the world which is the core of the time in the philosophy in space can be recognized the meaning of the deconstructivism when it separates and combines modernized things from and with the present at the same time. Deconstructivism has recognized dynamism as time through the spread trace, dissolution and combination. However, the ideas of drift from deconstructivism that is observed via scope of the space philosophy, aims to temporalize from the meaninglessness.

The characteristics of deconstructivism such as repetition, perspective, axle, separation visual bias symbol are system of meaning that includes inevitability, transcendental thinking andanalytical thinking. Deconstructivism has suggested the possibility of the space through spreading, complementing, and repetitiveness. However, the system of meaning in spatial philosophy has induced new meanings in inevitability, apriority and analysis in its system. Deconstructivism has been observed the partial or whole structure as intangible, separation and dissolution phenomenons. However, the system of the visual symbols that are viewed from the space philosophy realizes the limitation of effort to understanding deconstructivism. Therefore, many deconstructivists have understood the inevitability of recognizing truth and importance of apriority in meaninglessness of space, and also have tried to find the meanings of space through analytical thinking. Deconstructivism has regulated the meaning of deconstructivism through therecognition of the expression.

However, the clear phenomenon in deconstructivism with the system of space philosophy may be recognized as deceptive in the future. Therefore, deconstructivism can be recognized transcendentally when it recognizes the impossibility beyondthe deception of the expression. Meaning that deconstructivism should accept that the system of meaning needs to be expanded from visual system which was a glance at the external appearance to inevitability, transcendental, analytical thinking.