“The interests to the field of Environment. The rate

“Theearth does not belong to humans but the human beings belong to the earth”, itis this maxim that urged me to adhere my interests to the field of Environment.The rate at which nature in India weakens is disturbing. It is even expectedthat the whole Indian progress will end if this weakening proceeds uncurbed.Thisnearsighted way to deal with natural remediation normally subverts our greataims to take care of ecological issues and shows an absence of comprehension ofhow between related frameworks function. Similarly bewildering is the hesitancewith respect to the overall population to take solid activities against thiscritical plausibility.

What is empowering notwithstanding this grim picture isthat an age of capable youngsters, including myself, is endeavoring perseveringendeavors for the protection of this much-mishandled condition.Itwas the field of Environmental Science which particularly caught my attention.The undergrad educational modules in Chemical Engineering acquainted me with arange of subjects, both inside and outside the field of Environmental Science.The enthusiasm to abide further into this teach tempted me to take electivecourses in Industrial Pollution Control and Safety, Green Technology,Bio-Chemical Engineering and Non-Conventional Energy Sources. While offeringboth profundity and broadness of this field, these courses enclosed my point ofview toward relevance of Chemical Engineering and the utilizations of its partsto condition related predicament. I came to understand that traditionallyEnvironmental Studies has been my domain in Chemical Engineering.Icarry with me a solid handle of the basics of Chemical Engineering and anundying bent for research.

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I view myself as something of a cutting edgeunderstudy, ready to get through customary strategies and thoughts keeping inmind the end goal to make new conceivable outcomes. However, it is my firmconviction that with a specific end goal to accomplish more noteworthy thingsthroughout everyday life, a four year certification isn’t adequate. In thisquickly advancing world, higher learning, more extensive introduction to downto earth understanding and contribution in more broad research are fundamentalto the improvement of a successful individual. UC Santa Barbara is outstandingfor its exploration in the field of Environmental Studies which additionallyhappens to be my region of intrigue.

Encourage scholarly preparing inEnvironmental Science and Management would empower me to best understand my logicalpotential and I hence look at your esteemedUniversity to provide with an opportunity to pursue my graduate studies.