The I am currently studying in my computer course

The course i have chosen to study at a degree level is Computer Science, I have always been interested in computing since I was at school, it made me really curious and I’ve always wanted to learn more about the subject, I then decided to study computing after school and by studying computing which included various units had made me make my mind up efficiently and made me feel really strongly towards that specific subject my sister had also graduated in computing she would often explain certain criteria’s and answer questions I had which made me want to explore this for myself further, as I had started researching more information on the subject, I was generally astounded by the vast intelligence it holds and whilst I was researching I stumbled upon many questions which made me more interested and curious, I thoroughly enjoy learning and gaining new skills, especially in this field and I believe studying this subject further at university will ensure that I will gain more and the correct skills and knowledge as I’m extremely passionate and look forward to expanding myself and gaining more knowledge.  Many of the units that I am currently studying in my computer course have given me vast amount of experience and generally what Computer Science will be like, whilst currently studying, as I approach home I’m anxious to know more I would then research and try and learn as much as I could as I wanted to improve my skills, which really opened my mind how computers work. I have enjoyed learning about event driven programming where I was able to learn how to write programs such as calculators, taxi service applications.

I had also thoroughly enjoyed website production where I was able to learn about the server side and client side that influenced the performance of a website and got around to actually creating a website which I enjoyed as it required coding and enhanced my independent learning skills as I was able to fix any errors which I had come across and had taught myself how to correct them. Whilst studying computing at college, I was ever so grateful and felt privileged to have the chance to start a work placement at our desired place where we wanted to experience and develop a new understanding in the real world of the work placement. I was extremely excited and really looked forward to starting my work placement as I was eager to learn and know what it was like in a hands on approach, I had chosen my work placement at a large photography company, I wanted to explore not only the technical side but also the design side to the industry, working for this media company had given me an extensive amount of knowledge from a completely different side of technology, I had learnt a lot and gained substantial amount of knowledge and hands on knowledge of this part of the computing side, this also opened my mind to various different sectors within the media side, however experiencing the other side of computing was absolutely brilliant and made me even more determined to go further more towards the software development side, this experience made me sure that I was going on the right path and had taken any doubts that I did have then away, after that excellent experience I then went on to do another work experience as my curiosity grew and I wanted to learn more, I then went on to going to Hounslow Homes where I was required to take down information, which residents had told me to enter it in to the system and make sure that the information is sent to the right department. I’m looking forward to joining my place at a university and I am thoroughly excited to see the challenges that I will come across as well as completing my passion in life which is computer science, I look forward to the exceptional positivity’s that will come out of this, I am extremely focused, determined and an enthusiastic individual and I’m looking forward to extra curriculum activities within the university.

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