The him she fell head over heels for him.

The Greeks told many stories aboutAthena, the love-God. Greeks believed that love is a battle field. Long beforeZeus, Cronus, or Uranus, was a queen of Goddesses indeed, before theseGoddesses were born, and before there were any plants or animals, there wasAthena she was a Goddess powerful and robust.          It was said thatin the beginning of the world there was no earth sky nor was there sea, Athenawas the only breathing thing; and just as a mother-hen warmed her eggs untillittle chickens peeped out, the Greeks said love agonized over the world untilliving things appeared.

Then the world began to take its shape. Although Athenawas very old the Greeks thought she would always remain young. Never growing uplike the other Gods did. They mirrored her in their pictures  and paintings as a prepossessing teenage girlwith curly golden hair, with a red bow and a quiver full of heart shapedarrows.

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Majority of her arrows were keen like a blade. Whoever was injured withone of the arrows will begin to love the person that Athena desired them tolove. Others were straight forward and if an individual was hit with one ofthese they did just the opposite, and despise whoever Athena desired.          One of the narrativeGreeks loved to tell about Athena was of her desire for a young lad, and theway to which he became deathless through it. This boy’s name was Isaiah whichmeans “God is my savior;” and he was the most handsome thing ever, as soon asAthena saw him she fell head over heels for him. He was only a mortal, however,while she was a God; so, when they got married she could not take him to MountOlympus with her, nor even let him know who she was.