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The Cuban missile Crisis was a 13-day confrontation between the United States and theSoviet Union during the cold war, It came very close to a Nuclear conflict. Many sawPresident Kennedy as a hero after these 13 days, his strength and power will always beremembered when thinking of this crisis. The Crisis began in October 1962, PresidentKennedy had been in Office for 2 years now.

The Cuban revolutionary leader allegedwith the Soviet Union during the Cold war (1945-1991). The Soviets began buildingnuclear war weapons in Cuba to use against America. The crisis began on October 14,1962, a U-2 American spy plane had spotted the missiles in Cuba. President Kennedywas then briefed about the Crisis immediately and the 13 days began.

America hadbeen setting nuclear weapons around Turkey and Western Europe ready to be aimed atthe soviets at any time, When Cuba went to Nikita Khrushchev about helping them withAmerica, Khrushchev saw this as a perfect opportunity to make nuclear weapons totarget at America without them realizing. It was a revenge plan, from the Failed Bay ofPigs . In April, 1961, the CIA launched a full invasion of Cuba with over 1400 6Americans. The plan was imperfect, they had failed due to being badly outnumbered byCastro’s troops. After Kennedy heard about Soviet’s missiles being planted in Cuba hetook a stand.

President Kennedy identified a 2 step plan, the Navy would establish ablockade around Cuba, this would hopefully block any more Soviet military suppliesgoing into Cuba. Second, he would deliver an ultimate for Castro, that all existingmissiles from the Soviets be removed from Cuba. Kennedy was advised to tell hiscountry of the crisis and make them known to the problem. On October 22, PresidentKennedy spoke on live tv, he made the Missiles known, as well as all Kennedy knewabout the missiles to the country.

He explained how he planned to deal with it and thathe would continue to give the country updates, he didn’t want anyone in the dark.