The has to enter WICKED’s headquarters from the outside,which

The Death CureSetting:There are various places where the book The Death Cure takes place.The three main places are;WICKED Headquarters,Denver,and Paradise.WICKED HQ is where the book mainly starts off and sorta ends.The WICKED headquarters is pretty much one giant maze.There are hidden rooms and a lot of twists and turns.

Near the end of the book the main character,Thomas, has to enter WICKED’s headquarters from the outside,which is when you get the full effect of of the place.The Flare(the man made disease that slowly eats away at the brain)is running rampant around the world.Even though Denver is an area that seems to be managing the outbreak well,the place will still end up getting affected with the disease.To make matters worse,the Cranks(someone affected with the virus) start  to take over the city.When Thomas and his friends arrive at Denver they seem to be safe.

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But when they leave the city,it is being overrun by Cranks.When the Trails are over Thomas reaches Paradise.There was only really one chapter of Thomas and his friends in Paradise,but from what they made it sound like it seems like the nicest place ever.Plot Summary:The book is mainly about the man made disease called “Flare” which it slowly eats away at the brain.

But there are some people called “Munies” and it is impossible for them to catch the disease.In some of the cities in the book only Munies are let in.But the organization WICKED wants the Munies to do tests on them.But Thomas and his friends don’t like that and rebel against WICKED.

To help Thomas rebel he finds a girl named Brenda,who helps him escape.She also helps him find his friends Minho and Newt and help them escape also.After a lot of different action the four run into,they reach a hanger.This is where a guy named Jorge is ready for them and they head to Denver.When they get there Thomas got a note from a Gally who tells the four to meet up with him.

When they do meet up with him they meet a group called the Right Arm who wants to destroy WICKED also.They found a doctor named Hans who can remove the chips from their brains(chips that WICKED tracks).The Right Arm and Thomas head to WICKED to help them finish a blueprint to find the cure to Flare.But Newt isn’t doing to well,he is taken to a place called Crank Place but he tells them to leave and threatens to shoot them.Newt has lost his sanity which heartbrakes Thomas and Minho.When they arrived to WICKED HQ Thomas plants a device that will disarm WICKED’s weapons.

But Thomas it taken to a operating room to be operated on,but the procedure is stopped and goes to help free the other non affected people in a maze.The Right Arm started to blow up the building before everyone could leave so some people were killed.Thomas was about to be squished but Teresa pushed him out of the way which caused her to die.Everyone else escaped and goes through the Flat Trans,and on the other side is paradise.

Which is where the book ends.Characters:Thomas is the main character of the series and was immune to the disease.Because of this he was called a Munie.He has always had a hatred against WICKED and he wanted to escape from them.

Thomas was very brave throughout the whole series and in this book.An example of this is when he had to kill one of his best friends,Newt because he was insane and scream to him “Kill Me!”.Brenda is one of Thomas’s friends and shares the similar goals as him.Minho is one of Thomas’s best friends and is a real lone soldier.He is there to survive and wont listen to anyone that is suspicious.

Newt is another one of Thomas’s best friend but he was always hiding that he was infected with the Flare.Jason is the head of WICKED and is the main bad guy also known as “Rat Man”.Representative Passage:”She was a link to his past and,he knew without any doubt,had once been his best friend.

“If Teresa is constantly portrayed as Thomas’s best friend in the past,it seems to be sorta weird that he doesn’t trust her to me.She did betray him in the Scorch,but her explanation does make sense.Because that her explanation was true.Theme:The main idea/theme of the book is a group of people working together to destroy WICKED and find a cure to save the human race.

Teamwork can be seen exampled by when the Right Arm and Thomas and his friends infiltrated WICKED to save all the people.Also how they destroyed WICKED and saved the human race.Another example is when Brenda helped Thomas and his friends escape WICKED headquarters in the beginning of the story.Evaluate:I personally like the book series and the book The Death Cure because of the action.I liked all the different type of people and personalities of them.

Also I enjoyed how you had a feel for each of the characters and how they interacted with one another.I didn’t really enjoy how some of the book was sorta unexplained.But overall I would recommend this book to one of my friends because of the intensity and action it provides.