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The illicit flow of small arms and light weapons isrelated to the estimated number of causalities of more than 500,000 eachyear. Violence and conflict fueled by illicitly trafficked small arms and lightweapons hinders the development and progress of economies, good governance, andhuman rights.

Many studies have shown that illicit trafficking of weaponsaffects almost every region of the world. Most illicit small arms and lightweapons began as legal weapons and the diversion of civilian weapons is onesource of supply. Consequently, domestic regulation of small weapons and arms,which reduces the diversion of legal civilian weapons to illegal markets, is anessential part of this strategy. Needs more information and rechecked.Brazil is completely illicit flow small arms and light weapons andtakes it very seriously.

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Brazil supports the opposition to the risks associatedwith the illicit flow of small arms and light weapons. Although Brazil hassigned the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) in 2013 and has not been ratified yet by thelower house of Congress of Brazil, Brazil believes that the ATT should have forbidarms transfers to unauthorized non-state actors. Brazil also believes thatBrazil must weapons must be differentiated into conflict and non-conflictsituations to determine the severity of the cases. Since 2001, Brazil had tackledmany efforts to adequately and effectively put in place the Programme ofAction.

In December 2003, the Disarmament Statute was enforced, a new legal andrestrictive framework for the control of small arms, light weapons andammunition. The newly set law has bettered the National Arms Registration Systemand placed strenuous conditions for issuing gun ownership licenses. In 2004,the Brazilian Government and civil society commenced a major disarmamentcampaign across the nation to promote a culture of peace, lift public awarenessof the dangers of firearm possession and promote their voluntary expulsion.