The Grammar Translation Method. It was found that the

The study examined the effect of applying cooperative language learning techniques in Iranian ELT context. This chapter is organized in a parallel fashion to the two research questions the researcher posed: (a) Is there any significant difference between Iranian EFL learners who have experienced cooperative learning and those who have not on the course-leaving final examination? (b) Does fostering cooperative learning techniques have any significant effects on the pronunciation proficiency of Iranian EFL learners? The results showed that there were no statistically significant differences between the participants of the experimental and the control group on their pronunciation pre-test. This implies that the participants of both groups had the same background knowledge of the pronunciation before the implementing of the cooperative language learning method, authenticating that any gain in the English learners’ achievements could be attributed to the cooperative language learning environment.

As shown in Tables 4.3 and 4.4, the results suggest that the use of cooperative language learning on English learners yielded significant and favorable results in comparison with Grammar Translation Method. It was found that the use of cooperative language learning techniques in the classroom had a significant, measurable effect on Iranian EFL learners of the study compared with Grammar Translation Method. It can thus be concluded that the first null hypothesis was rejected meaning that cooperative language learning does have a significant impact on English learners. Hence, learners undergoing cooperative language learning with a focus on the combination of the five techniques of the three-step interview, think-pair-share, roundtable, solve-pair-share, and numbered heads would have an overall advantages in their language achievement compared with their peers who have not exposed to such a treatment.To test the second null hypothesis, which expressed that fostering cooperative language learning does not have any significant effects onthe Iranian EFL learners’ pronunciation proficiency, researcher run an independent samples t-test to compare the means of both groups. Results revealed a significant and positive difference in the mean scores of the control group and the experimental groups as indicated in Tables 4.

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5 and 4.6.