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The legalization of marijuana for both medical and recreational use is currently debated.

There is a lot of evidence that marijuana has many medical benefits from just using its oils in liquid form and also smoking it. Recreational use of marijuana, if it was legally regulated, could save both state and federal governments money. There are also other economic benefits of legalization because of the profits to be made for the farmers growing marijuana. Marijuana should be legalized because of its medical benefits, difficult and expensive to regulate, and has many economic benefits.The medical benefits of marijuana can help with a variety of illnesses and diseases.

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A study from the university of California questionnaire given to 1746 medical marijuana patients found that 83 percent of the patients experienced pain relief and around half of them used marijuana in place of prescription pain pills (David L,Westley,Jocelyn). Marijuana does not just help with pain relief. It can also help the brain with mental issues and diseases. In May 2012 marijuana was given to an Iraq war veteran for a study. After his first session he claims “I had huge breakthroughs that ended up resulting in my sleep issues completely going away after that very first session”(Sullum 35). The veteran also claims that he no longers has nightmares when he goes to sleep. Another issue marijuana can help with is migraines.

Research done by the University of Colorado Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences found that sufferers of migraines who used medical marijuana daily were able to cut their migraine frequency by more than half (Graves  62). Marijuana does not have to be smoked. It can be taken in many other ways to get the same medical benefits. David Katz, the director of the Yale University Prevention Research Center, agrees marijuana should be legal and states “Medical marijuana is not the most addictive of medicines nor the most dangerous, and it’s safer than many drugs in use. Plus, there are times when it can provide relief when little else does.” (Graves Pg 68).Jeffrey Miron, a senior lecturer at Harvard University, explains to Huffpost “Marijuana prohibition now costs state and federal government as much as $20 billion a year .

. .and legalization efforts are only just beginning to chip away at that” (Sledge).

 All of the money used to enforce these laws could be easily used for other problems.  Police stations in every community are also facing the problem of spending too much time and resources on low-level marijuana offenses. The article from claims “Over the last 15 years, a single arrest for marijuana possession . .

, has cost from $1,000 to $2,000 or more, conservatively estimated.” (Levine,Siegel,Sayegh). For every arrest the police make they pay a lot of money for every single arrest.

Also every year doctors are sharing their support for the legalization and regulation of marijuana in every state. A lot of the doctors who support this idea have come together and founded Doctors for Cannabis Regulation (David L, Westley,Jocelyn). The doctors realize that it is too difficult and expensive to keep marijuana illegal but, if the government legalizes and regulates marijuana, it can be used effectively and productively. The money the government and state could make from marijuana is exponential. A a study made in July shows that in Nevada if marijuana is legalized 394 million dollars would be spent a year. The study also claims that Nevada would see a 7.5 billion dollar jump in its total economic output and it would create 41,000 jobs (Pyke).

In Colorado marijuana has been legalized for a while. Since then marijuana has made a lot of wealth and activity on a pound to pound basis. For every dollar spent on marijuana the industry generates between two dollars and thirteen cents and two dollars and forty cents. Only the federal government government spending has a higher multiplier (Pyke). Any state that legalizes marijuana can make a lot of of and increase their economic value while also creating a good amount of jobs at the same time.