The game”. The debate exhibited masculinity, strength and aggression

The media plays asignificant role in creating social norms. The media can show how differentgender roles are created and represented by mass media. Television is the mostpersuasive form of media.

Some television shows choose to display women as theditzy, attractive woman whose role is to create some sort of sexual tensionbetween the male character. Other television shows choose to exhibit women asstrong dynamic woman, but will still represent them as emotional individuals (Lantagne, 2014).Many American advertisements will send different messages towards boys andgirls by showing girls playing with action figures and boys playing withdoll-houses. Gender inequality wad shown through the media last year during thepolitical debate which sent a message to women letting them know that politicswas “man’s game”. The debate exhibited masculinity, strength and aggressionwhile the woman was constantly being interrupted.

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Education is a key are of focus in gender inequality. Womenhave caught up and surpassed men in terms of education. In fact, in the UnitedStates and a number of other countries, women now actually surpass men ineducational achievement.

Men and woman can obtain the same educational levels,however it will be very difficult for women to have higher management jobs.Woman with high school diplomas are paid around 80 percent of what men andwomen with college degrees. Women with advanced degrees are paid less than menwith bachelor’s degrees. Promotinggender equality and empowering women and girls is a priority. According to Peace Corps, globally, women have fewer opportunitiesfor economic participation than men, less accessibility to basic and highereducation, greater health and les political representation (Global issues: Gender equality and womens empowerment, n.

d.). Women empowermentis a critical aspect of achieving gender equality. This would also includeincreasing a woman’s self-worth and her decision-making power. The White House has madegreat effort in promoting gender equality and empowering women and girls for theUnited States.

In March 2015, the President and First Lady launched “Let GirlsLearn”, which was formed to bring together the Department of State, the U.S.Agency for International Development, the Peace Corps, and the MillenniumChallenge Corporation to address the challenges preventing adolescent girlsfrom completing and succeeding in school (Promoting gender equality and womens empowerment, 2015)