The efficiencies, enhance safety, healthcare quality, improved care coordination

The implementation of the organizational process addresses the workflow and is critical to the clinic.  The three organizational processes listed below will maximize the clinic efficiencies, enhance safety, healthcare quality, improved care coordination and reduce the stress in the days to day workflow.   The first organizational process that will be supported by the EHR system would be the registration process.  As of now, the clinic uses a manual entry via the making appointments by phone or calling.  The system also uses a fax machine to complete the insurance claims, which are through a third party.  The EHR system will help the clinic become self-sufficient in the not only the right station process but the billing process.   The second process that would improve the clinic’s efficiency is the compilation of assessment data.

  The current system in place is paper charts, the staff member at the clinic have experienced their concerns about losing patients records.  Implementing this part of the EHR will reduce the loss of patient files.   The final process that would improve the organization in the clinic is the review of the medication.  The healthcare staff member does everything through paper work as of now, this means that if a patient medication is spelled wrong, miss placed or can’t be read it could cause the patient or the doctor serious harm.  By implementing the EHR function it will update each time the patient comes in.  The patient can also update their own records through their patient portal.    (stratishealth.

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org, 2013) The process of administrative duties can be very time to consume for the front desk.  By integrating the EHR system it can become much smoother due to the automated charts.  Presently the two nurses handle the administrative responsibilities, which can take time away from not only the doctor but the patients as well.  By entering the data listed below the one time it will significantly reduce the wait time for the patients and the healthcare staff.