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The United States of America has many rights that are listed in the Constitution as well as in the Bill of Rights which helps us by stating what our individual rights are as an individual of the country. “The Constitution of America is dynamic, which this constitution is modified and amended to meet the needs of our society that is always changing”(Wadman).  All of Humanity has these rights when they are born into this  world and are considered an equal as well as having these rights to help make us who we are and label us as civilized people who can live freely by believing in what they want to believe and not having to worry about any of their rights being taken from them. In this essay, the amendment that is going to be explained is the Second Amendment which is “The Right To Bear Arms”. “The gun rights have a different view. The strongest point of  the Bill of Rights that the Bill of Rights  is a bill that states individual rights” (Tushnet). This right of ours is being threatened by those who disagree with it and don’t believe that people actually have the right to own guns.

The Right to Bear Arms is a right that allows people to have guns as well as having them as a concealed weapon, which this right allows people to own guns for either protection, hunting, self defense, as well as being used in Militia. This Amendment was created to help protect us people from danger as well as having military follow it and protect our country. People follow this amendment because it is given to us as a whole in the nation and contributes to our freedom. Many people use this right for different things.

A quote by the second amendment is “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed” (Tushnet). Some of the laws that were created to help with this amendment talked about how this right is ideal and a quote that helps with this is “Prohibiting Possession would require disarming the citizenry; whether done quickly or over a long period, it would be a monumental challenge, fraught with danger” (Tuccille). Which to help with this information  on how our rights give us the freedom every individual have is “If a free people are to enjoy their liberties without encumbrance, the prerequisite tools must be let well alone” (Cooke). Which basically is talking about how our rights should be followed and stay how they are since its listed in the constitution as well as laws on our protection.

The Right to Bear arms has many illegal and legal things about it. Gun Keepers usually do background checks to see who they are selling the guns to, when the law just  makes sure that people won’t break the laws by doing shootings and other crimes and to help protect them so they don’t commit suicide by having hotlines to call. Which in a quote of the state Delaware, it says “A Person has the right to keep and bear arms in defense of self, family, home and state, and for hunting and recreational use” (Volokh). The Right to Bear Arms is being threatened from people who disagree with the right and believe that it should be eliminated, thinking that it would help with the crimes going on in the country as well as all the shootings in the country as well as other countries. They depend on the government  on protecting them and they believe that the country as well as other countries will have world peace because there won’t be wars or fighting if firearms were banned completely in every state and country. The type of groups that fight against each other are usually those who are for the Second Amendment and help support it against those who just hate it and believe that everything would be better without it because there won’t be any guns to kill anyone with as well as having nothing to do with guns.

People who are against it usually tried to create bills that forced firearms to be taken away as well as having very strict laws on being able to keep the firearms which it made the people who stood by the right to be angry and it caused more problems. This Second Amendment of the Constitution that every individual should be able to keep if they want and follow it out of their freedom should stay that way. In a quote of The Declaration of Independence states cleary “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” and does not single out one right. It states clearly that the three values that are important today as when it was penned by Thomas Jefferson (Wadman). Which the Right to Bear Arms is a pursuit of happiness and when people are able to carry firearms, they could save their life if they were ever in need to protect themselves when danger happens to be around or even protect others if they are able to carry a concealed weapon on them.

This right of ours was woven into all of humanity because it is part of our freedom of choice and this amendment shouldn’t be blamed for deaths of people when the person behind the trigger kills not the firearm itself. Laws were put on this right to help protect people rather it being a background search or a certain age to purchase the firearm as well as rather the weapon being legal in one state or illegal in the other. This right of ours is being threatened by those who disagree with it and don’t believe that people actually have the right to own guns because of safety issues.