The dioxide and insecure gases into the air causes

The Biodiversity is the quality of a plant and animal life in the Earth or in a intense habitat, a great level of which is usually examined to be important and prudent. We have studied about many facts about animals and plants in our early classes.

‘Biodiversity could become the rallying call for the next years’, wrote by David Wake in the journal Science in 1989. The ecosystem is the group of interconnected elements likewise, the living group of animals and plants. Human activities can be a great impact on the biodiversity and ecosystem loss, so for studying the causes and the consequences of the issues, I have written this report. We humans do not think about the environment, we just think about our benefits and comfortability. Human activities causes much problems like pollution, deforestation, depletion of ozone layer etc.Issue 1:The most of the air pollution is caused by the combustion of fossil fuels e.

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g, burning coal, sulphurtrioxide, petrol and other factory combustibles are the major cause of the air pollution. Man-made cars which consume one of the fossil fuel called petrol, also have a great role on spreading the air pollution. I also observed that, many of us wished to get a car,however we do not know the results of how much it could be injurious to health. The exhaust fumes from vehicles cause much pollution to the environment and today majority of the people use these technologies.  Estimates show that many  tons of waste and nearly 1.

2 billion cubic yards of pollution are produced from each car that is manufactured by the company. If the air pollution is not undercontrol, the consequences could be catastrophic. The enable  of sulphur dioxide and insecure gases into the air causes global warming and acid rain; which will increase the temperatures, unreliable rains and droughts worldwide; making the survival of animals tough and punishing. We rely on the oxygen to survive but with these hazardous particles which we breath into our lungs could cause diseases like asthma and lung cancer. By more pollution, plants are also unable to survive and become wilted.

The major plants like the food crops and trees are mostly effected. pollution also effects the water and make it unpure to drink. To control the expansion of pollution we could replace the engine vehicles from cycles, which could help to reduce the air pollution. The less use of fossil fuels could also help to reduce air pollution.Issue 2:The second issue to be discussed is about the deforestation of plants and trees. Humans, who wished to settle where they get the best opportunities and facilities.

The forests are also being cut by the humans to settle communities or industries; in large proportion so trees are cut and lack in vegetation. The oil extraction could be cause in which vegetation is vanished; people remove them for their personal purposes. As we know that population is increasing day by day; road construction is also increasing, and this construction needs more land; so the huge forests are cut and causes deforestation. The WWF reports that the mostly half of the worlds trees illegally removed from forests are used as fuel.

Deforestation could have negative impact on our environment. The plants are greatly effected by deforestation and as well as the animals who have their habitat dependent on trees and forests. We snatch their forest or habitat from them; leave them homeless. 80% of the Earth’s animals and plants live in the forests; so by cutting down them will cause a great impact on the habitat of animals. To get rid of this problem, we should plant more and more trees and aware people of how to plant the trees and make an organization of securing these plants. Previously, in Khyber Pakhtunhwa, the government and people have planted billion of trees, as the vegetation has increased alot.

I have collected much information about the major effects on the ecosystem; how humans are involved in the damaging of Earth’s environment. There is a need to control the rate of pollution in our environment. There could be a great awareness of preventing the cutting of forests and vegetation. This could be the strengths of my source in which a clearly mentioned issues discussed in this, however the weaknesses could be more information needed to elaborate the causes and consequences. There are many other things to be discussed could be skipped likewise many other issues e.

g, depletion of ozone layer etc.Conclusion:Human activities are the negative impact on the environment. The usage of different types of inventions vehicles with engines cause more air pollution to environment. The burning of fossil fuels have a great profit in business, so the people usually use huge machines in extraction of oil and coal moreover the pollution is spreading but also the deforestation is also occuring in which the trees are being cut and causing lack of vegetation.

In this total process, I have not change my perspective about the effects of human activities on ecosystem as the animals and the plants are greatly effected by them. As well as the environment is also being effected by this so it must be controlled by us.