The designed to be consistent and compatible with Dubai

The well-being of its citizens identified as a top priority by the UAEgovernment, As more specialist healthcare services advance across theEmirate, it is expected to see the DHA continues to review, update, and add newregulations to the current healthcare regulatory framework.

Dubai HealthStrategy has been designed to be consistent and compatible with Dubai plan2021, aimed to become a global leader in the delivery of healthcare, andproviding a world-class level of healthcare. Dubai Health Strategy has beendesigned to be consistent and compatible with Dubai plan 2021, aimed to becomea global leader in the delivery of healthcare, and providing a world-classlevel of healthcare. The strategy development process involved a broad range ofstakeholders from the Dubai health ecosystem which includes both the public andprivate sectors. One of the programs is the Prevention & healthy lifestyle:This program promotes healthy lifestyle and disease prevention interventions onthe level of the community and the individual. It moves beyond a focus onindividual behavior and more towards a wide range of social and environmentalinterventions at the community level. To work as a fitness professional inDubai since August 31 of 2013, the municipality and Sports Authority requiresall coaches to be accredited by the Register of Exercise Professionals (Reps),this way they can check the register online and see everything they need toknow, REPs UAE is a guarantee that instructors are competent and qualifiedAs a specialist in fitness and nutrition, I will always try to comply withthe ISSA and  REPs UAE which is based onthe fitness industry standards which have been developed for each area ofexercise and fitness instruction which is covered by the register standards ofDubai in the UAE as I am practicing here.

The standards are based on the”ICREPs Global Standards” developed by the International Confederation forRegisters of Exercise Professionals.