The depletion causes global warming. However this is not

The depletion of the ozone can cause serious damages and consequencesto humans, animals, plants and also the planet. Since not many appropriateactions are being taken by everyone, the signs that ozone depletion isoccurring can clearly be seen as it has affected us even without us realizingit. The effects of ozone depletion can be seen from four differentperspectives.            Firstly, we can see the effects on us, humans.

Since theozone depletion reduces the thickness of the layer, we can say that moreultraviolet rays from the Sun can easily enter the Earth without filtration. Theultraviolet ray is an electromagnetic radiation that constitutes about 10% ofthe Sun’s radiation. It is also one of the most dangerous radiations emitted bythe Sun. Ultraviolet ray is mostly known for being one of the major risk factorfor skin cancer.

To put it into simpler words, UV has the ability to easilydamage our skin. UVrays age skin cells and can damagetheir DNA. These rays are linked to long-term skin damage such as wrinkles butthey are also play a role in some skin cancers. The Sun’s UV rays also increasesa person’s risk ofcataractshi and immune suppression.          Secondly, the plants are also at risk due to the depletion ofozone. Due to the extreme UV levels, the plant’s growth, physiological and developmentalprocesses are affected.

This includes the way plants grow, some maybe extremelymalnourished whereas some maybe too abnormal. Besides that, the ozone is alsoable to enter the plant’s stomata and dissolves within the water in the plantwhich leads to many chemical reactions that are problematic. This results inthe decrease of the photosynthesis rate which slows down the plant’s growthrate. Next is the effect on animalsespecially marine and aquatic animals.

Phytoplanktons are usually found on thesurface of the water. As the UV level rises, it automatically alters thedevelopment and growth of these phytoplanktons. Fish and other animals areeffected due to this. In worse case scenarios, it can lead to the death of thefishes.Lastly, out planet is also effected due to the depletion ofozone. The high levels of UV in the atmosphere can disrupt the natural cycles thattake place in the atmosphere such as the oxygen cycle and water cycle. Most ofus believe that ozone depletion causes global warming.

However this is nottrue. We can conclude that both ozone depletion and global warming is caused byhuman activities.