The concrete. This study focuses on the applicable of

Theaim of the study is to examine the utilisation of industrial by-product toproduce the sustainable artificial aggregates in replacing the naturalaggregates for concrete production in Malaysia. In order to achieve the aim,the objectives are shown as below:         i           To investigatethe optimum proportion of the POFA and silt in producing the artificialaggregate.       ii           To evaluate thephysical and mechanical properties of aggregate fabricated from fly ash andpalm oil fly ash (POFA).      iii           To investigatethe compressive strength of artificial aggregate concrete and compare with theconventional concrete.

 This study investigates theproperties of artificial aggregates from POFA and silt based with variouspercentages of these two elements and also the strength as aggregatedisplacement for concrete. This study focuses on the applicable of wastematerials as construction materials in order to conserve the environment. Atthe end of the study, the result gained may be different compared to other researchers,this is because event small difference amount in POFA and silt composition willaffect the final result. Therefore, the scope of study is stated as below:·        Artificialaggregates is produced using difference proportion of palm oil fuel ash andsilt with the optimum alkaline activators and the additional of lime as binder.·        Mixture ofdifference molarity of sodium hydroxide with sodium silicate based as alkalineactivator is adopted for the study to investigate the optimum mix for theartificial aggregates production.·        Air dry curingis selected as the curing method to obtain the streght for artificialaggregate.

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·        Strengthproperties for difference proportion of artificial aggregate as lightweightaggregates is assessed such as compressive strength, impact value besides thephysical properties. ·        The bestartificial based aggregates from the experiment testing are chosen for furtherconcrete compressive strength evaluation.  This study is intended toevaluate the maximum percentage of POFA utilization for the production ofartificial aggregates which is able to provide an ideal choice for practicingof sustainability and economical construction. There are studies about the POFAas replacement for cement in mix of concrete, however, this study is focusingon the artificial aggregate for beneficially replace the natural aggregate inconcrete production.Additional lime is used toenhance the binding property of artificial aggregate and the alkalineactivators are added to increase the strength properties of aggregate.

Thefollowing significance of this study is figured out the production ofartificial lightweight aggregate by different proportion of POFA as binder andits ability in term of properties. Besides, the compressive strength ofconcrete mix with optimum artificial aggregate is also evaluated.