The computing will continue to develop and grow in

The evolution of cloud computing is rising faster than ever. Companies andsocieties nationwide are adapting to the new concept of this technology.Experts in the industry believe that the trend of cloud computing will continueto develop and grow in the future years to come. Society and business areimpacted in many ways by the advancement of cloud computing technology.

Theimpacts include social, cultural, political, economic and environmental. Businessesand individuals are impacting by this evolving technology in many ways. SocialImpactSiteslike YouTube, Facebook and Myspace are shifting how people interact with oneanother. From one side of the continent to the other, remote locations are nowable to see an event the same. People can now interact through the utilizationof cloud computing from all over the world. Cloud computing has brought theconcept of communication global.

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This enables communication between cultures.It also keeps family and friends close, when loved ones move miles away. Teensare using social media platforms that run through the cloud computing conceptas a primary way to interact with friends. Anyone can become a reporter byusing a live feature and instantly reporting news or events. Public figures andpoliticians are also utilizing cloud computing through social media platformsto deliver their views and political concepts to a broad range audience. Actorsand Actresses are also able to take advantage of the cloud computing technologythrough social media as well. Cloud computing gives them the ability to enhancetheir creative skill set. Businesses are also using data from social mediaplatforms and cloud based resources to get better insights on potentialservices, advances and customer needs.

 Cultural Cloud computing offers a range of new opportunities fordeveloping countries to do what they could not do earlier with computers andinternet. Cloud computing infrastructure and applications are able to interactwith users who have mobile phones, Tablet Computers, and many other mobiledevices. Mobile phones and other mobile devices have been able to penetratedeveloping countries where the internet has failed.

The cloud computing technology has also offered benefitsto developing countries allowing them to bypass the investments of costlyinfrastructures. Those countries can now knock into data and applications thatare cloud based computing which is lot less costly and more affordable. Thisoffers many cloud based technology web applications and data to thesedeveloping countries.  Political The internet and cloud computing is playing a large rolein politics in the United States. The cloud computing technology has impactedsocieties political views, political events and has taught the society how andwhen to vote. Politicians and public figures are now using cloud computingplatforms such as Twitter, and Facebook to understand the community anddelivering their views to a vast audience world-wide. Politicians today areincorporating the technology of cloud computing to communication through thesenetworks and deliver their views their podcasts and live streams. This causessome politicians to become a victim to the technology.

Others have used thetechnology for political comebacks and debates.  The advancement of the cloud based computing and internethave led to communication by influential radio and television stations. Thecloud based social media has empowered dialogue between peers, allowing them toexpress their views publically to a broad range of possible voters duringpolitical campaigns. Through the use of the evolving cloud based technology,many politicians have reached many new generations of possible voters. Thistechnology is a must for politicians for a successful campaign. It allows themexpress their political views to gain attention, money and support frompotential voters.

The cloud technology has allowed political candidates to speakopenly on a platform such as Twitter or Facebook, avoiding correction fromcampaign managers. Voters can also be impacted by podcasters and blog writersthat convey their political messages to impact voters. Economic Cloud computing hasplayed a large part of the growth and innovation of the technology world. It haspromoted strength in the market structure of many sectors including economic.Market research analysis firm, IDC proposes that the market for Cloud Computingservices had risen to 16 billion in 2008 and an additional rise of 42 billiondollars in 2012 (Gleeson, 2009).  Cloud Computing has cost saving advantages tobusiness that far exceed those of consumer applications (Lynch, 2008). Businesses have alwaysstrived to decrease the cost of computing services. This has caused them tomerge IT operations and begin using virtualized technologies such as cloudcomputing.

Cloud Computing allows businesses and enterprises to expand their businessesand reduce informational technology costs. There are many wayscompanies can Financially profit from cloud services. A majority of thepopulation are familiar with media storage. like Verizon Cloud, Apple ICloud and Sugar Sync Data Backup just to namea few. But there are much larger companies profiting from cloud services thatmany are not familiar with. Software as a Service (SaaS). Companies likeMicrosoft and their and their software “Office 365” which allows companies andindividuals to lease office products on a monthly or yearly basis.

The otherlarge company Adobe. They are now offering adobe Photo Shop DC which is a SaaSService as well as Acrobat DC which is free but a smart marketing strategy (Nicastro, 2018). EnvironmentalIn the globaleconomy today, business owners have to make decisions that are not only basedon how the decisions will affect the business, but also on how those decisionswill affect the world and environment as a whole. Many businesses use thatreason to turn their businesses into a green business. A real concern for manybusiness owners is energy consumption.

This is for both environmental reasonand economic reasons that relate to increased costs.  Any easy way for businesses to go green isthrough utilizing cloud computing.  Whenbusinesses store data on individual computers, a large amount of energy iswasted.

The wastes include the fact that multiple computers are running nonstop.The same computers are not utilizing the full potential for storage and softwareusage. That energy consumption from the computers is not beneficial to thecompany. When using cloud computing, many companies together share hardware.This allows for more energy efficient computers.

Statistics show that thisreduces energy consumption up to 87%.  The businesses will also see a reduction inutility costs as well.  Another advantageof using cloud computing allows for the reduction of computers needed for thesite which reduces the amount of waste to the environment.