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The Constitution was signedin 1787 and is currently the center of all the rules and laws sets in theUnited States. Just a year after being signed, commotion began. This argumentlater turned into a debate arose to decide if The Constitution should be ratified,or changed.

As to every argument, there were two sides: Federalists andAnti-Federalists. Those strongly supported the ratification of the Constitution,such as Alexander Hamilton and John Jay, were known as Federalists. Federalistsfavored in the ratification of the Constitution and were against creating abill of rights. Federalists also believed that there should be a strongnational government and that the ratification of the Constitution will resolvedebt and other tensions left behind by the American Revolution. On the otherside, members such as Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe, were against theratification of the Constitution. They were known as Anti-Federalists.Anti-Federalists believed that the state and local government should holdpower; ratifying the Constitution will hand the federal government too muchpower.

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James Madison, a member of the U.S. House of Representatives who laterbecame the fourth President of the United States, carefully went through theConstitution and wrote down changes that were needed to be made. Madison wrotedown a total of 17 changes. These changes were brought up to the Senate where12 were approved.

After taking the approved 12 to the Senate, Madison went tothe State and 10 were approved. Finally, in December of 1791, the Bill ofRights, written and modified by Madison himself, officially became a part ofthe Constitution. Anti-Federalist wanted to emplace a bill of rights, sorestrictions can be placed on the government’s power. Federalist, on the otherhand, did not want to add a Bill of Rights because they believed that thestates and people deserve the powers that the federal government did not have. Anti-federalistsdid not want the government to take complete control, they believe it shouldremain in the hands of the state and local government. The Bill of Rights contains 10 amendments that states the basic rightsthat everyone in the United States are granted, such as: freedom of speech,right to bear arms, protection against a harsh punishment, as well asrestrictions against the Federal government. Without the push of the Bill ofRights, the United States as a whole would change.

People would not have theability to express their selves in means of religion, speech, petition, andassembly. Petitioning against pay or equal rights amongst everyone will notexist. Police officer would have the ability to search places and arrestcitizens without a probable cause or a court issued document. Life without theBill of Rights will be difficult to imagine.