The communicate a message, for example in Nazi propaganda,

The characteristics that are most important to fascism include indoctrination, elite rule, repression of dissidents, and direction of popular discontent.

These play a huge in terms of the political, economic, and social concepts which make up the symbol of power and authority, fascism. A political idea which plays an essential role in making up the idea of fascism is having a cult leader or an elite rule. Main example of this would be Adolf Hitler and him being the elite for the holocaust that had taken place in Germany. He lead the country through his dictatorship in order for what he felt was important, to eliminate the “inferior” race of the jewish people to make Germany as strong as possible. He lead as a dictator through presenting extreme nationalism and organized violence and war and military force using techniques such as propaganda, youth movements, the elimination of his opposition, the use of terror and force, and scapegoats.

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Another process which is a huge factor to the idea of fascism is indoctrination also known as the “process of teaching a person or group to accept a set of beliefs uncritically”. This practise would mostly use the techniques of propaganda in order to manipulate people into accepting a set of beliefs. An example of this idea would include using art, rodia, films, press, posters, and etc to communicate a message, for example in Nazi propaganda, the German population were reminded of the struggles against foreign enemies and jewish subversion.

Also the use of youth movements which propaganda was heavily brought on to youths in order to ensure the future of Nazi germany follows the elite leaders demands. Fascism is also inclusive of the repression of dissidents or eliminating everyone who opposes the idea of the elite leader in order to build power through terror. An example of this idealism would include Stalin who forced collectivization on many soviet citizens which resulted in a huge famine and at the expense of innocent lives also him repressing the peasants to hand over the grain proced on collective forms.Another example would include the elimination of Jews by hitler as he believed in creating a racially pure German nation-state that from his aspect jewish people didn’t fit in. Lastly, the characteristic that plays a crucial role in fascism would be the direction of popular discontent or scapegoating which is another method of totalitarian states examples of scapegoats, including the jewish people, communists,the weimar government, and more. All contributing to the suppression  of the opposition in order to gain control by the leader which makes up the principle of fascism.