The chosen like 5 companies. So right off the

The stocks I purchased were from the companies such as Big Lots, Adidas, Walmart, and Dollar Tree.I chose these companies because they are companies that sell a lot on the daily so I figured I would not  come in last place in the contest. I would have picked more companies but turns out I forgot my login and stuff so I had to deal with the few I chose. And right off the start I began to make money. I did not really have or used a method when it came to picking these companies I just tried to think of companies that were not small companies, and with the fact that black friday was around the corner at the time I knew these companies would thrive from that and rates would go up. And although I had forgotten the login to my account I mean I managed to not come in last place with the few companies I chose so i’d like to say I chose well. To be completely honest at the time the competition started I had no clue as to what was even going on at first I thought it was just a one day thing I did not think it was planned to be a contest so I just randomly made my log in and just picked stocks from the first few stores that I could think of. I did not even know what stocks were or how to use them or what they even did, I just thought this was all about just tracking how  much these stores sell and that it did not really matter. But when It came to my attention that this was a competition I flipped out because one I had no clue how to get back into my account and two I had only chosen like 5 companies. So right off the bat I knew that I was not even going to come in as top five in the contest. I did not even think I would come in as top ten. Since I had totally forgotten my login I had no choice but to just let the contest keep going and whatever place I came in then thats just how it was because I could not just make another account much less log back in and choose more stocks so I just let the contest pass by. Knowing what I know now about stocks I probably would have chosen better companies from the start, not saying that the ones I chose were not the best idea , but if I wanted to win the contest I would have chosen bigger companies such as Nike and Apple or Samsung. Because with the holidays and all these deals going on im pretty positive all those big companies gained alot from that and stocks went up. So if I could have done anything different I for sure would have chosen bigger companies that thrive more. Before I completely lost my login information the little time that I spent on my account I would observe my stocks and id see the little squiggly line on the chart go up one day and go down the next, the numbers would change all the time so there would be days that my stocks would thrive and then there would be days my stocks would not do so well. Stocks could help a person save for retirement because a part of the money would go to the person and that person could chose to save the money up and put it off for later, in this case retirement. So if the stock market is up then thats more money for that person and if it is down then it is little or no money at all that goes to the person. Another alternative for saving for retirement would be starting a savings account in a trusted bank and the person could just take half of their daily paycheck and put in off in the bank and when it comes time to retire the person could just fall back on the money they have most likely been saving up for years.  After completing this stock market contest and learning more about stocks in the process I think what I got out of it the most is obviously the knowledge as to how the stock market works which is very beneficial to my future because I also learned that it could help me save for retirement so when im older I do not have to keep on working because i would already have all these savings either from stocks or banking accounts to fall back on. In conclusion I think the stock market contest was very beneficial not just to me but to the whole class because even though it was just a game we all got a learning experience out of it that could help all of us in the futute.